You’ve put everything into making your business a reality. Now you want to get your target audience excited about your brand. Today’s consumers wish to know who they’re buying from and what you stand for before they purchase. These new consumer habits show the importance of brand messaging.

From your logo through to your branding, the tone of voice your brand uses through to how you tell your story, branding your business is a key to build strong customer relationships and grow your business.

Where strategy meets creativity

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To connect with consumers, you need to create a distinct brand identity that helps you communicate effectively and stand out from the crowd.


Customers are much more likely to buy products and services when they feel they have an authentic connection with a brand.


As part of our brand messaging strategy, we analyse your target market, industry, and competition, so we can creatively help you carve out a strong presence in the market.

A team of storytellers

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Brands that use storytelling instead of the hard sell build a much deeper connection with their audience. At Contese, we bring together a journalist’s inquisitive mind with market analysis, strategy and creativity to help you with building a story brand.


Our storytellers work with you to help identify that special sauce that makes your brand different and develops a creative way to tell that story to your target audience.

Our branding services

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It all starts with a name. To stand out in a crowded market you want one that is catchy  and easy to pronounce, that represents what your business stands for and can grow with you.


We work with you to develop and select just the right name for your business and our designers can also combine this service with logo design and your visual identity, so you have the complete package to launch your brand. 

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Whether you’re a startup or a corporate business looking to refine your message, we work alongside you to identify those deep-rooted values at the heart of your business and craft your goals into impactful mission and vision statements.


We analyse your competition and help you identify a niche to position your brand, developing your brand personality and the tone of voice that will best connect with your target audience. 

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Telling stories is how humans have created connections for millennia. It’s no different for your brand. Creating a narrative and showing that you understand your consumer helps build a deeper connection.


Storytelling and branding go hand in hand, and our team are experts at helping you uncover what makes your brand unique and communicating it in an authentic way.

Become an unforgettable brand

You have a business, and at Contese we want to help you turn it into a beloved brand. Building a story brand means easier marketing, better selling and stronger customer relationships.


We help you go beyond selling products and services to build a relationship with consumers that endures and secures the future of your business.

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