How to influence your audience and earn loyalty with brand consistency

Updated: Oct 14

Brand consistency is a subtle yet crucial art form to successfully communicate your brand’s core values and vision to your target audience. The secret is to use the same voice, tone, design and content across all four main media channels, namely:

  1. Print (newspapers, magazines)

  2. Broadcast (TV, radio)

  3. Out of Home media (billboards, bus stops, points of sale etc.)

  4. Internet (social media, video games, mobile devices)

Why is brand consistency important?

Conveying a consistent brand message translates as a seamless customer experience. It helps customers quickly become familiar with your brand and gives them confidence in your products. That familiarity fosters long-term loyalty, bringing you to repeat business and referrals. But if your messaging is inconsistent, you will hinder your company's growth. Mixed messaging comes across as weak, unprofessional and confusing. Any customers you gained from your marketing campaigns will soon lose interest and any sense of loyalty

they had.

Measuring the value of brand consistency

A measurable return on investment (ROI) is a key performance indicator that marketers always want to see following the launch of any promotional campaign. Clicks on links to your website and landing page statistics are handy indicators of any increases (or decreases) in web traffic. If the rise in visitors equates to a rise in online sales, then you must be doing something right to convert your web traffic into sales and profits, so you will have some tangible ROI results from those Internet channels.

On the other hand, you can’t always know whether someone converted into a new contact or a sale after seeing your ad plastered on the side of a bus or hearing about you on the radio. So, there is no immediately apparent ROI metric from those interactions through print, broadcast and out-of-home media channels. However, a more important consideration than ROI stats is knowing that by focusing on brand consistency through brand messaging, you will get greater lift and mileage from your marketing campaigns.

So, an accurate measure of the value and importance of brand messaging is the increase in customer loyalty you’ll gain through brand consistency. Customer loyalty is achieved in two fundamental ways:

1. Brand recognition

The ease with which your target audience identifies your brand from the logo, colours, slogan and other visual elements.

2. Brand awareness

Customers' general impression of your brand; information and emotions they can recall without any visual prompts.

Through a coherent essential brand messaging strategy, brand recognition and brand awareness combine to form an overall brand image and persona that clearly distinguishes you from your competitors.

Become a market leader with better brand messaging

Consistency in your brand messaging adds an air of professionalism to your brand, which audiences always respect, giving you a competitive advantage as you assume the position of being a leading brand in your industry. Remember, success begets success. A consistent message of authority, reliability and confidence is a hallmark of attractive success and reaps long-term rewards.

Your message must be simple, clear and precise. A convoluted message leads to confusion, leading people to abandon your brand early in the customer journey. When you are clear about your brand’s core values and communicate them consistently. In that case, existing customers will associate your brand with quality and be more open and trusting toward any new services or products you bring to the market.

Defining a brand's core values can be pretty challenging, even when it’s your brand, and you know it intimately. You must choose the most appropriate message to broadcast publicly – one that consistently projects definitive brand ideals and values. If you're struggling to find your brand voice and identity, ask marketing experts for help. Our branding professionals at Contese specialise in helping businesses create a compelling brand story with consistent key messaging to reach your niche market.

Five strategies for building brand-messaging success

Delivering a coherent brand message begins by clarifying what you want to say about yourself and how you establish your identity with your target audience. Use the five strategies outlined below to form an action plan, so you can craft a solid brand message. With a plan in place, the words will flow more easily.

1. Understand your audience

Who are you trying to reach? Put yourself in your customers' shoes and experience what they see when they look at your brand. Use language and tone that your customer demographics can easily relate to. For example, you wouldn’t use complex technical language to promote the kid’s menu at a local restaurant. You also probably wouldn’t use rainbows and butterflies to sell computer parts to an engineer. Seeing your own brand from your audience’s perspective is crucial but not quickly done alone. Put together a focus group for the task, or ask a brand consultant for their opinions.

2. Establish clear brand guidelines for all to follow

Everyone involved in communicating or delivering your brand message must be on the same page. That includes your own staff and any third-party marketing or publicity agencies you employ. Create a brand toolkit with guidelines detailing your brand's visual aspects. This will include everything from a logo to colours, typography, photography, and the way you communicate to audiences in written form. Those guidelines should also include precise descriptions of your brand’s personality. Is your company energetic and spontaneous, or does your business cover scientific or technical aspects?

With everyone adhering to the same guidelines in the brand toolkit, you’ll develop brand consistency more easily.

3. Create a marketing plan and stick to it

Here’s where you align your actions with your brand. Having a solid marketing plan is essential to achieving brand consistency success. Gather your team to establish clear marketing goals and develop action plans to ensure you achieve them. Revisit your strategies and adapt to changing markets while maintaining a good level of consistency.

Plan to deliver a consistent message across all media channels

As we mentioned earlier, brand consistency means spreading the same message across all the media channels (print, TV & radio, out-of-home media, Internet). Even if you only opt for Internet marketing, planning ahead is essential to ensure you deliver a consistent and coherent brand message at every contact point, be it a blog, social media posts or a video platform. These are all unique marketing channels, but you should craft a message that works across all of them and appeals to a broad audience.

4. Make adjustments based on what's working.

The success of a brand depends very much on the quality of its products and services being consistently high, as well as the quality of their brand messaging. As your business evolves, you may have to adapt your messaging depending on what you see works best. Overall, the core values and tone of your branding messages should remain the same.

If you need help creating a clear message for your brand and consistent content to accompany it, work with the experts at Contese. We are a creative marketing agency that understands the importance of brand consistency. We offer a full range of services in brand consulting, content writing, and transcreation to help your business grow and achieve

its goals.