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Case study - Blog posts for Concha y Toro

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Blog posts for Concha y Toro were created as case studies, in order to cater to the international audience of the world's second most influential wine brand. These pieces consisted of lengthy articles written in both English and Spanish.

The challenge

As the world’s second most powerful wine brand, Concha y Toro has a truly global reach. With so many unique wine brands within the Concha y Toro family of wineries, the company wanted to work with expert wine copywriters to create a regular blog. It was a chance to speak directly with passionate wine consumers and create connections across borders.

The proposal

When it comes to article writing for websites, you need to be strategic. Contese team put together a blog post strategy, creating engaging ideas across a range of topics and themes, all with a focus on appealing to wine drinkers. From how-tos and trends pieces to guides, each piece of content was designed to enhance a consumer’s enjoyment of wine.

Following blog post strategy approval, our wine copywriter got to work writing the engaging long form articles which were then also translated into Spanish and submitted in both languages.

The blog posts were a chance for Concha y Toro to embrace more lifestyle-led content, creating useful guides and how-tos that would be beneficial for readers.

The result

The blog post content was well received in both English and Spanish, and the regular posts helped boost Concha y Toro’s profile online, bringing the brand closer to consumers who buy products from its family of wineries.

Our case study focuses on our work with Concha y Toro, where we created lengthy blog posts for their brand in both English and Spanish. The result? Engaging and informative content for the second most influential wine company globally.

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