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Case study - Brand strategy for Eboost

Updated: Aug 2

Branding Case Study - Eboost | Contese Creative Agency

The challenge:

Award-winning natural energy drink brand Eboost is endorsed by celebrity athletes. Still, they wanted to expand their reach to more consumers beyond their already well-established niche market of die-hard fitness fanatics.

They were also competing with similar brands in the increasingly crowded energy drink market, leveraging growing consumer awareness of the negative health impacts of high sugar content and artificial ingredients.

The proposal:

We envisioned elevating the value of the energy drinks containing natural caffeine and nootropics as supplements for mental health and cognitive a

agility, as they were already ideally placed to take advantage of the brain-enhancing benefits provided by the drinks' essential minerals, vitamins and nootropics.

We proposed broadening the target market to individuals wanting supplements for clear thinking, sharper focus, better memory, and cognitive agility. This audience seeking natural supplements would also enjoy the drinks' low, natural caffeine content.

The result:

Eboost went away with a robust rebranding blueprint that allowed them to stand apart from artificial energy boosters and expand their products' appeal to a broader yet equally enthusiastic target market of health-conscious individuals using their brains more than brawn, such as academics, executives, pilots and other 'high-flyers'.

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