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Case study - Branding strategy for Other Circles

Updated: Jun 27

Brand Strategy for Othercircles

The development of the branding strategy for our client,

Other Circles, a sustainable accessories brand.

The Challenge:

Other Circles is an independent eyewear and accessory supplier headquartered in Amsterdam that makes glasses exclusively from sustainable, recyclable materials from renewable sources.

They needed to position their brand and products in a market that’s already quite saturated with trendy eco-eyewear, so we helped them refocus their brand messaging to take a fresh approach so customers could identify the brand more clearly.

The Proposal:

To stand out in an already densely populated market, we suggested focusing the brand messaging on the quirkiness of Dutch design and innovation coupled with responsible consumerism as a value-added aspect of the brand.

We also wanted to differentiate Other Circles from eco-eyewear competitors by educating customers about their use of biodegradable acetate, which is extracted from cotton and wood fibres from sustainable sources.

The Result:

With distinctive branding focusing on style and sustainability, the Other Circles website and other marketing materials directly appeal to fashion-conscious men and women with a shared passion for design and sustainability.

A solid backstory and empowering messaging foster a strong bond with conscientious consumers as well as confidence in the team of designers to create quality products built

to last.

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