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Case study - Web content for Bainland

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

We were approached by Bainland, a high-end resort brand, for assistance with their web content. We provided them with a comprehensive keyword strategy and crafted engaging website content.

The challenge

A luxury rural retreat set in Lincolnshire, Bainland has come long since Simon Craddock’s father founded it. Now a haven of wildlife dotted with romantic retreats and luxurious lodges, it had rebranded to represent its new direction better.

All Bainland needed was a website to help the brand tell its story and connect with its target audience, showcasing the fantastic variety families could experience in rural Lincolnshire. Its representative, Pilot PR, got in touch with Contese Agency.

The proposal

The previous Bainland website hadn’t been written with SEO optimisation in mind and had developed organically as new lodges and accommodations were created.

Bainland wanted a new, slick website with a more luxurious feel, welcoming language and the chance to showcase the variety of experiences guests can enjoy. We put together a travel content strategy to ensure each page could be rewritten to maximise the singularity of Bainland and invite the reader into the Bainland experience.

We started with SEO research and then progressed to work on the website content and the initial blog posts to create a strong base for the site. Weaving together information on the family business, the employees, the design and Bainland’s goals, we were able to tell its story in an authentic way that helped readers discover Lincolnshire Park.

The result

The website content succeeded, using the best travel SEO keywords and combining the elements that make Bainland unique. We went on to create the initial travel blog posts for the site, setting the tone for future content that would be added to the website as it developed.

Both the Bainland end client and Pilot PR were pleased with the project, and we have gone on to work on further projects with Pilot PR as their travel content writers.

In need of web content, Bainland, a high-end retreat company, sought our services. Our team crafted their keyword strategy and website copy.


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