How to develop a powerful brand identity

Updated: Oct 4

What is brand identity?

Every successful business has a clear and iconic brand identity, which is the key to gaining and retaining loyal customers who will stick with your brand, engage with your content, and purchase your products and services for years to come. Anything can impact your brand identity, from the brand name, logo, colours, shapes, and other visual elements used within the brand's marketing to the language used in promotional pieces.

However, brand identity is far more than the recognition and awareness of a catchy logo or slogan. It goes deep into the hearts and minds of consumers as they develop deep attachments and emotions to brands they strongly identify with. When a brand shares its target audience's core values and beliefs, sales will grow consistently over time.

Why is developing a brand identity so important?

Developing a strong and memorable brand identity is key to strengthening your popularity and positing your business as a competitive player in any industry or marketplace. This is because successful and consistent brand development can build genuine loyalty and trust among customers and help you stand out from the ever-growing competition.

A powerful brand identity, including a memorable logo that will stick in the minds of consumers, can also significantly increase your business's revenue. For example, with its iconic yet simple Apple logo, Apple has consistently charged high prices for its products, predominantly due to its huge global presence and popularity.

Now, Apple has an estimated brand value of $241.2 billion and topped Forbes' 2020 list of the World's Most Powerful Brands. While quality-wise, Apple products are on par with other high-end technological brands, they are worth a premium price point in customers' eyes, mainly due to an influential brand identity familiar to consumers around the world.

How to develop an effective brand identity

Contese can help you develop a strong and powerful brand identity to rival the greats. We have many years of experience offering exceptional business branding services. Our main mission is to help clients connect their brands to an established target audience, giving them a unique personality and brand identity to set them up on the path to success.

First, we help clients define their brand's core pillars and values and establish a clear mission and vision. At this stage, we establish a strong foundation for you to build on, helping clarify your brand's what, why, and how. What is your brand's vision for the future, why is it unique, and how does it stand out from the competition?

The next step focuses on brand development and a compelling brand messaging strategy. Here, we will help you create a clear brand narrative with consistent brand messaging so that you can relate to your customers and target audience honestly and authentically, fostering genuine brand loyalty and trust.

1. Define your brand

An effective brand messaging strategy is essential to building and retaining your customer base. Brand messaging is how your brand communicates its unique value proposition (UVP) and personality, both verbally and nonverbally. Encompassing every aspect of a brand's identity, brand messaging is the very means through which consumers build a relationship with your brand. So, effective brand messaging can inspire and motivate consumers to purchase your product or service.

From creating a memorable brand narrative to establishing the best voice and tone for your brand's content to creating unforgettable taglines and slogans, Contese is here to help with all of your brand messaging needs.

Choosing a memorable brand name

One of the most important decisions you can make as a business is choosing the right brand name to attract the right customers. Once we have established the core basics of your brand identity, Contese creates brand names that are relatable, memorable, and unique, ensuring that they also work on a practical level and are available as website domains. We define brand names as either descriptive, invented, or lexical.

Descriptive names immediately convey the service or product you are promoting, such as Toys R Us. Invented names should be short and snappy and recommended for brands needing a clear .com domain name (e.g., Nike, Kodak). Finally, lexical names, as the title suggests, are plays on words, using puns, phrases, and alliteration, such as Dunkin' Donuts or Krazy Glue, which are sure to stick in customers' minds.

2. Position your brand

The next step to branding your business is positioning your brand in the mind of your customers. This means successfully communicating how your brand is different from its competitors and how your product or service is the best in the market.

Effective brand positioning works in two key ways. First, you need to establish and define your brand's unique selling proposition (USP). Businesses can achieve this through compelling statements or slogans such as Canva's, 'Empowering the world to design', or IKEA's 'To create a better everyday life for the many people.'

Then, you need to define the demographics of your target audience to develop a clear brand messaging strategy that touches and resonates with potential customers. With a specific target market in mind, Contese can help you develop clear messaging based on meticulous keyword research for your specific niche.

3. Develop your brand messaging strategy

Once you have defined and positioned your brand within the marketplace, it is critical to develop and maintain a consistent brand messaging strategy, using a compelling brand voice to communicate with and relate to your target audience. Your brand tone of voice should stem directly from your brand's personality and values. Contese offers style and brand toolkits to guarantee consistent brand messaging and a clear brand voice from the offset.

For example, GiffGaff describes their tone of voice as friendly, clear, simple, and fun. They appear as hip, modern, and trendy, using colloquial and slang terms to appeal to a younger UK audience, injecting a dash of British wit and charm into their messaging so that customers see them as a trustworthy, reliable, and affordable mobile network provider.

In contrast, Harley-Davidson's brand voice is strong and aggressive, personifying masculinity, confidence, and rebellion. Using messages such as 'Resistance is futile' and 'Grab life by the bars,' this all-American motorcycle manufacturer subtly challenges consumers to prove that they are worthy of handling their rugged machines. This taps perfectly into the personality of their target audience –daring, adventurous risk-takers.

Choosing your platforms

With a particular target audience in mind, we can strategise when and where brand messaging is posted or published for maximum engagement and effectiveness, such as across specific social media platforms or magazines familiar to your brand's potential customers.

4. Blast off

With an effective brand identity and brand messaging strategy in place, there are no limits to your business' success. So, watch your engagement and profits soar as we help you create consistent and compelling content which shows off your brand's core values and personality and allows your business to climb up the search engine rankings.