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Case Study - Brand development for Syncosystem

Syncosystem, a healthcare startup, required assistance in shaping and clarifying its core message as well as establishing a compelling website.

The Challenge

US health data management company Syncosystem is a comprehensive platform that works for both consumers and businesses. An exciting startup that principally allows people to store and manage their personal health data, as well as important documents, it also works to connect users with nearby businesses for discounts on products and services. Syncostsytem approached Contese for our complete branding package, ranging from business concept development to our website content writing services.

The proposal

At Contese, we offer what we call The Journey, a complete branding package for startups that helps them define their brand through a strong brand strategy, followed by SEO website content services. So they are ready to launch to the world. Along with this, our team also offers brand design and website design and development as optional extras. For Syncosystem, it was important for us to start by mapping out the brand strategy. As an ambitious project, the app had many different elements and two target audiences - consumer and business - but it neede dhelp with its business idea development. It was important to streamline the messaging and make it clear who the platform benefitted both. Once we had researched the target market, the competition and worked on defining what made Syncosystem different, we could produce a full branding strategy From there, the web content flowed as we had a solid message we needed to convey. We mapped out the necessary pages to appeal, carried out in-depth SEO research and introduced those longtail keywords throughout the content, meta and URLs.

The Result:

Thanks to our business concept development service, Syncosystem now has a clear brand to present to the world. We refined the offering, clarified the messaging and created a website that introduced this ambitious platform to businesses and consumers. Syncosystemis now actively looking for investors to take the project to the next level of development.

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