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Case study - Copy editing service for TRT World

Our editorial team has been hired by TRT World, a Turkish news broadcaster, to provide advanced online editing services for their articles and social media.

The challenge

Turkish news broadcaster TRT World has an extensive website, producing in-depth content to the highest editorial levels. It relies on expert journalists and laser-eyed editors' support to provide readers worldwide with the latest news, analysis and insights.

The proposal

TRT World began working with our cofounder and senior editor, Sarah Gordon, for her professional editing services. She worked with the Insights team to ensure their detailed articles were as accurate as they were interesting. As the growing digital team’s needs grew, our editorial team came on board to offer a more comprehensive copy editing service. Sarah and her senior team helped edit video scripts, breaking social media posts, articles and more. This supported the in-house TRT team, who work quickly and demand the highest levels of accuracy.

The result

As the TRT World digital team grew and further support was needed, Contese grew its relationship with the broadcaster, working in real-time across teams to offer high-level copy editing services.

Do you need a high-level copy editing service? Then work with the Contese Agency Team.

We were recently approached by TRT World, a Turkish news broadcaster, to provide our expert copy editing services. Our team will be offering top-notch online editing assistance for both articles and social media platforms.


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