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Interested in easily accessing our digital marketing agency’s services? Take advantage of our online marketplace, where you can easily compare prices and select the desired package with just a click of a button. Say goodbye to endless email exchanges, surprise costs, and stress.
Wix Website development with design, content, and on-site SEO


If you are in need of a comprehensive website for your business, we specialise in creating customized sites from the ground up. Our services include everything necessary to launch your site to the public. We handle all aspects, including layout and design, persuasive content writing, and SEO, to ensure your website has a strong impact.


Why choose our service?


  • Completely original SEO content 
  • In-depth keyword research and integration of keywords across content
  • Conduct advanced SEO keyword research to be utilised in meta, alt tags, URLs, and other elements.
  • Unique website design developed from scratch; we don't use templates 


The standard package includes:


  • Website development from three pages 
  • Unique website design, with two homepage design proposals
  • Professional stock photos, up to 20
  • Professional customised illustrations, up to 12 (can be upgraded at extra cost)
  • Iconography of up to 12 unique icons (can be upgraded at extra cost)
  • Wix 12-month hosting plan
  • On-site SEO
  • Keyword strategy of up to 10 long-tail SEO keywords
  • Meta Tags (title and description)
  • URL proposal for each page, SEO focus
  • Alt tag Images using the keyword strategy
  • Google Search Console configuration, initial phase
  • Domain connection to Wix hosting 
  • Final UX analysis to help enhance the user experience


Does not include:


  • The writing off legal pages, but our partners at can help you with that


Book now or get in touch to request a customised quote


Our Wix website development costs have been published, as we believe in being transparent.

Wix Website development with design, content, and on-site SEO

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