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Meet the team

Our well-structured creative content team really gets behind your brand. We make your goals our own, working to reflect your purpose and raise your profile.

Our highly organized team of creative content creators truly embodies your brand. We take ownership of your objectives, striving to showcase your mission and elevate your presence.
Our devoted team of storytellers, designers, writers, and SEO experts collaborates closely with every client, regardless of company size. We assist in establishing and developing your brand's image and enhancing your online presence through top-notch content.

Quality content

Our dedicated team of storytellers, designers, copywriters and SEO specialists work closely with each client, whether you're a startup or multinational. We support you in defining and evolving your brand identity and boosting your visibility online through quality content.

Our strategists 

From creating detailed SEO strategies and content calendars to managing your project with precision and efficiency, our strategic team are on it. They'll guide you through the whole project and ensure we achieve the results you want for your brand.

Our strategic team has got you covered, from developing comprehensive SEO strategies and content schedules to overseeing your project with meticulousness and speed. They will lead you through the entire process and guarantee that we deliver the desired outcomes for your brand.
With a background as both a Telegraph and Daily Mail editor and a seasoned brand strategist, she has the skills to develop a brand that truly resonates with your customers and endures over time.

Lead Editor & Storyteller

A former Telegraph and Daily Mail editor and experienced brand strategist, she'll help you build a brand that connects with customers and stays the course.

Over the course of two decades, he has honed his expertise in building brands from the ground up and spearheading effective SEO marketing initiatives. Through careful analysis of data, he formulates strategies that greatly influence the positioning of your brand.

Seo Specialist & Strategist

With more than 20 years of experience developing brands from the ground up and creating SEO marketing campaigns to establish a brand presence online.

Copy Editor

Cheryl is an excellent copy editor who is dedicated to our brand. She has a passion for content strategy and displays a level of professionalism that we have never seen before. We are delighted to have her on our team!


Online Executive Assistant

Soon, we will be hiring for this role!

Our utmost devoted team member is consistently prompt in her response and puts your mind at ease, ensuring that your project stays on track.

Editorial Assistant

She is always quick to respond and put your mind at ease so you can rest assured your project is on track.

Our copywriters

Our crack team combines creative flair with a laser eye for detail, ensuring everything we write connects with your target audience and reflects your brand voice. Their dedication to getting it right means you'll always have content that goes above and beyond.

Our skilled team possesses a blend of imaginative prowess and meticulous attention to detail, guaranteeing that all our writing resonates with your desired audience and accurately reflects your brand's voice. Their unwavering commitment to perfection ensures that you will consistently receive content that exceeds expectations.

Senior brand Copywriter

Nicks possesses excellent branding skills, creates content for our clients that ensures that your brand has a strong impact.

Mar, a native Spanish speaker and expert in transcreating marketing copy from English to Spanish, collaborates with international companies to help them effectively reach audiences beyond their borders.


A specialist in the transcreation of marketing copy from English to Spanish, native speaker Mar works with global brands so they can connect with audiences across borders.


Senior Creative Copywriter

Combining his experience in B2B copywriting and his creative skills, senior copywriter Ryan helps us communicate our clients' messages and inspire readers.

A skilled brand content creator, he translates a business concept designed by a strategist into effective messaging for specific target audiences using clear and concise language.

Brand Content Specialist

An expert in creating brand content. He takes the strategist's vision of a business concept and conveys it to specified target audiences with clear and concise content.

Our designers

Our experienced team of senior designers can turn a business idea into a brand. They are experts in analysing what makes each client unique and finding a way to represent that singularity and bring it to life visually to connect with your target audience.

Our skilled senior designers are capable of transforming a business concept into a brand. They possess a keen understanding of identifying the distinct qualities of each client and creatively showcasing them through visual elements to effectively engage with your desired audience.

Brand Designer

Our talented designer, Chris, collaborates closely with our branding team to produce a range of designs such as custom logos, brand guidelines, packaging, and Wix web designs.

Leveraging years of experience as a proficient brand designer, Johnny crafts logos and visual identities for various industries.

Senior Brand Designer

Backed by decades of experience as a skilled brand designer, Johnny creates logos and visual identities for brands across a whole range of industries.

Utilizing a diverse skill set and extensive experience, Raj produces visuals for various marketing and advertising campaigns, consistently producing designs that stand out.

Graphic Designer

With a diverse skill set and strong experience, Raj crafts visuals for both marketing and advertising campaigns, creating designs that shine.

Our web developers

Our team of experienced web developers, supported by our designers, can create a customised Wix website or e-commerce site for any brand. We do not use pre-made templates and instead choose to design and develop websites from scratch, guaranteeing that each one has its own distinct online presence.

Our team of experienced web developers, accompanied by our designers, has the ability to craft a personalized Wix website or e-commerce site for any brand. We refuse to utilize pre-made templates and instead opt to create websites from the ground up, ensuring each one has its unique online identity.
Fatima is a seasoned web developer who handles various web development projects in different sectors. She specializes in Wix development and has a knack for designing visually appealing and user-friendly websites.

Web developer

An experienced web developer Fatima works on web development projects across industries, specialising in Wix development to create beautiful, user-friendly sites.

Over the years, Joseph has overseen numerous web development projects for well-known companies. He possesses extensive knowledge in WordPress and Shopify, skillfully producing websites that seamlessly combine practicality and aesthetics.

Senior web developer

For decades Joseph has managed web development projects for major brands. An expert in WordPress and Shopify, he creates websites that blend function and design.

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