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Meet the team

Our well-structured creative content team really gets behind your brand.


We make your goals our own as we work to reflect your purpose and raise your profile.

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Quality content

Our dedicated team of storytellers, designers, copywriters and SEO specialists work closely with each client, whether you're a startup or multinational, supporting you in defining and evolving your brand identity and boosting your visibility online through quality content.

Our strategists 

From creating detailed SEO strategies and content calendars to managing your project with precision and efficiency, our strategic team are on it. They'll guide you through the whole project and ensure we achieve the results yourwant for your brand.

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Lead Editor & Storyteller

A former Telegraph and Daily Mail editor and experience brand strategist, she'll help you build a brand that connects with customers and stays the course

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Seo Specialist & Strategist

With more than 15 years' experience developing marketing and SEO campaigns,  he analyses the data to create strategies that have a real impact on your positioning.

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Deputy Editor

An experienced writer and online content editor, Katie's dedication and eye for detail ensure our clients enjoy engaging and professionally polished content.


Project Manager

Editorial Assistant

The key to making sure our creative processes run smoothly and efficiently, Carla is on hand to manage our premium clients' day-to-day requests.

One of our most dedicated team members, she is always quick to respond and put your mind at ease so you can rest assured your project is on track.


Senior UX Copywriter

Our senior copywriter creates content for our clients that enhances the user experience across all digital platforms so your brand makes an impact.


Senior Copywriter

With experience in luxury and entertainment, she brings her expertise to brand strategy projects and online content.


Senior Creative Copywriter

Bringing her creative flair to lifestyle brands and businesses, her work is focused on building emotive connections with your target audience.


Brand Content Specialist

An expert in creating brand content. He takes the strategist's vision of a business concept and conveys it to specified target audiences with clear and concise content.

Our copywriters

Our crack team combines creative flair with a laser eye for detail, ensuring everything we write connects with your target audience and reflects your brand voice. Their dedication to getting it right means you'll always have content that goes above and beyond.

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Our designers

Our experienced team of senior designers can turn a business idea into a brand. They are experts in analysing what makes each client unique and finding a way to represent that singularity and bring it to life visually to connect with your target audience.


Senior Designer

Combing brand design with graphic design expertise, she works with brands creating bespoke logos to cross-platform web designs.  


Senior Brand Designer

A skilled brand designer, he has years of experience creating logos and visual identities for brands across a whole range of industries.


Graphic Designer

With a diverse skill set, he has experience creating visuals for marketing and advertising campaigns that shine.

The best content agency for you

We're good at what we do. Really. With more than 1,000 satisfied clients and a 4.9 score verified by Fiverr Pro, Sortlist and Google, we're proud of the work we do. So get in touch, tell us about your business, and let us get you the results you need.

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