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At Contese, we are a versatile creative content agency equipped with various talents to assist businesses in achieving their goals. Our boutique team consists of former journalists, skilled designers, specialized SEO experts, and proficient writers who are capable of tackling any project. We aim to provide comprehensive support by combining the necessary expertise at Contese.

Our creative content skills

Discover how our boutique team works for you

We are a multidisciplinary creative content agency with a wide range of skills to help any business meet its objectives. Our boutique team includes ex-journalists, experienced designers, SEO specialists and a team of writers ready to take on every task. Contese brings together the skills you need to feel truly supported.

At our content marketing agency, we combine data-driven strategies with the skills of our talented writers to produce high-performing projects that drive your success.

Our agency skills

Our creative content marketing agency blends the power of data with the expertise of our wordsmiths to deliver projects that work hard for your success.

Our strong content marketing abilities allow us to take on a variety of projects, including web content, blog posts, and press releases. Our approach involves promoting knowledge and fostering meaningful relationships to establish a strong brand presence and customer loyalty.

Our content marketing skills help us tackle any project, from web content to blog posts and press releases. We focus on educating and forging strong connections to build brand awareness and loyalty.

Through the power of persuasion, we expertly craft taglines, landing pages, and social media posts that effectively convert. With a range of copywriting abilities, from scripting to delivering speeches, we elevate your brand and foster devoted brand loyalty.

We use the power of persuasion to craft perfect taglines, landing pages, and social media posts that convert. From scripts to speeches, our copywriting skills boost your brand and build brand loyalty.

Our investigative abilities distinguish us from others. We base all of our work on thorough research, which may involve studying the market and target audience or delving into the topic to create informative and pertinent content.

Our investigative skills set us apart. We root all our work in research, whether that means analysing the market and audience or diving into the subject to craft informative, relevant content.

Led by a seasoned journalist, our projects go through a rigorous quality assurance procedure. From the initial briefing to the final revision, we are committed to creating the finest end result.

Headed by an experienced journalist, our projects undergo an intense quality assurance process. From the first brief to the last round of edits, we are dedicated to crafting the best final product.

With our expertise in SEO, we incorporate search engine optimization into all of our content. Through thorough research, we determine the most suitable keywords for your particular field and seamlessly integrate them into the text.

Guided by our SEO specialist skills, we work search engine optimisation into all the content we produce. We’ll investigate the best keywords for your industry and then weave them naturally into the text.

Employing a forward-thinking mindset, we incorporate long-term strategy into every aspect of our work. From crafting a strong brand to developing effective SEO and blog post strategies, our strategic thinking abilities safeguard the future success of your business.

We think long-term when it comes to strategy, then bring that approach to everything we do. Whether creating a brand, SEO, or blog post strategy, our strategic thinking skills future-proof your business.

At our company, we prioritize creating a smooth user experience that sets you apart from the competition. This principle guides all of our projects, whether it's developing apps and websites or designing brochures and pitch decks, to ensure a positive experience for users.

A sleek user experience gives you a winning edge, so we incorporate flow into everything we do. From apps and websites to brochures and pitch decks, we craft positive user experiences.

Equipped with exceptional content writing abilities, design proficiency and a knack for crafting brand identity, we are prepared to drive your success. Our boutique creative content agency is standing by, ready to collaborate with you.

Our skills, your successes

With content writing skills, design expertise and a flair for brand identity, we are ready to champion your success. Our boutique creative content agency will work. 

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