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Press release writing service

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A press release is your opportunity to catch the attention of a journalist, but you’ve only got one shot, and if it isn’t perfect, you can lose your opportunity in the blink of an eye.


Press release writing requires a highly trained eye to spot fascinating stories in a sea of mediocrity.


A writer with a knack for press releases finds the stories that are waiting to be told, develops them in exciting detail, and portrays them in a way that engages your audience and calls them to action.

Finding your story

At Contese, we don’t just write press releases. We work closely with our clients to hand-select stories that are unique to them.


We then develop these stories and write them in an engaging way to pique journalists’ interests and get them involved in promoting your brand to wider audiences.

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Our press release writing services are successful because we are trained journalists ourselves. We know how to search out a story, and we know how to develop it in just the right way to grab our colleagues’ attention.

Your copywriters

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Our press release writing services are offered à la carte, as you need them.


Whether you need to launch a new brand or you want to maintain monthly releases so that you can always make sure your most exciting stories are out there for the world to see, you can trust us to produce your superior content.

What our customers have said

Experience is key. We have completed over 1,000 projects, with feedback from over 400 clients and a review score of 4.9, proving we are one of the best creative content agencies online.

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