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About Us

At Contese Content  Agency, we bring brands online to be seen with exceptional content and in-depth SEO  strategies.

A strong brand starts with quality content. It involves putting your brand into words, reaching new audiences through content marketing, and establishing your authority through SEO campaigns.

We're proud to be a creative content agency with a focus on strategy. We don't start writing until we understand your business goals, what your audience is thinking, and how you can carve out your market niche.

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Who we are

From content marketing expertise to SEO research and journalistic experience, our team of strategists, designers and creative copywriters support our clients where needed most.  

We partner with established corporations and ambitious startups, working with businesses across borders. We'll define your brand identity, create an effective content marketing strategy and write compelling copy as an extension of your team.

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Our content specialities

We specialise in creating engaging content that covers a variety of topics, including travel, food and wine, and lifestyle. Our expertise lies in editorial copywriting, marketing strategies, and SEO, making us the top choice for all your creative content needs. We are truly passionate about working with businesses that want to make an impact and establish genuine connections with their audience. Our admiration for our clients drives us to be enthusiastic partners who are eager to assist you in reaching your business objectives."

How we work

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We take a collaborative approach to every project we work on, combining strategy with creativity to help our clients achieve their business goals

1- Research

Our work begins with understanding your business, the needs of your customer and the market you operate in. Data-led research ensures we have the right insights to work effectively.

2- Strategy

We believe that creativity requires a strategy to be effective. We work to understand your business goals, the challenges you face and how best we can make a difference to your brand. 

3- Creativity

Once we are fully informed, we ensure that everything we develop - from brand design to content - reflects the uniqueness of your business idea to maximise conversion.

Our reputation says it all

This image highlights our reputation, which speaks for itself.

In the last few years, we’ve been busy working with companies of every size and on almost every continent. We’ve gathered quite a lot of online feedback and reviews, and we’re proud of our shining reputation. 

Don’t want to take our word for it? Read what our clients have to say 

Our services

For us, the brand journey involves four key pillars

We blend editorial skill, marketing, and data-led SEO research so you can make an impact. From engaging SEO content for websites and blogs through to social media, we help you cut through the noise and make yourself heard.

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