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About Us

At Contese Agency, we bring brand ideas to life with exceptional content and in-depth strategies.


Because a strong brand starts with quality content, whether that is putting your brand into words, reaching new audiences through content marketing or establishing your authority through thought leadership articles and press releases.

We’re proud to be a creative content agency with a laser focus on strategy. We don’t put pen to paper until we’ve understood your business goals, what your audience is thinking and how you can carve out your market niche. 

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SEO research is a key Contese Agency process that informs us of how people think based on data analysis!

That's why a keyword strategy is one of the core elements of our unique content production. Data + creative = Contese.

We Call it the journey-JPG-100.jpg

We call it ''the journey'', and it's a ride every time.

We are genuinely excited by startups looking to make their mark and full of admiration for businesses, both large and small, that want to build real connections with their consumers.

How we work

All our work is grounded in three
core principles:

- First,  to understand your audience and what they are looking for - that’s where SEO and big data come in.

- Second, creativity needs a strategy to be effective, and that’s what enables us to create persuasive content that works hard for you.

- Third We ensure everything we create reflects your unique brand personality (we’ll even help you establish that tone of voice if you need it). And we make sure it is compelling and engaging for maximum conversion.

Just as you want to create a great experience for your consumers, we want you to feel confident that your brand is in safe hands – which is why we’ll support you every step of the way.

Our reputation says it all

In the last few years, we’ve been busy working with companies of every size and on almost every continent. 

We’ve gathered quite a lot of online feedback and reviews, and we’re proud of our shining reputation. 

Don’t want to take our word for it? Read what our clients have to say 

Our pillar services

For us, the brand journey involves three key pillars


Where it all begins

We help you turn your business into a brand. It’s about creating that emotional connection with consumers, with a well-researched brand strategy and carefully crafted content.


From naming and logos to storytelling and identifying your brand voice, we help you stand out.



Give your brand a voice

We blend editorial skill, marketing, and data-led SEO research to help you make a real impact.


From engaging SEO content for websites and blogs through to social media, we help you cut through the noise and make yourself heard.


Become an industry leader

Take your brand to the next level with thought leadership articles, SEO-friendly press releases, and impactful speeches.


Our editorial services are journalist-led, giving you top-quality content, from video scripts to transcreation.

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