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Advanced keyword research

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Arming businesses for the online battle to outsmart your competitors with our advanced keyword strategy service that is focused on results

Using a well-researched keyword strategy puts your website at the top of search listings when people look online for your products or services. 

Hire the seo marketing experts at Contese Agency to research the top-ranking keywords for your niche and bring your target audience to you.


Why you need a keyword research specialist

Professional keyword research reveals data and information that tells you exactly how people find websites like yours with specific search terms related to your particular products and services.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Everytime anyone searches online for something they need, the businesses listed on the first few pages are those that conducted keyword research and applied it to optimize their websites for search engines such as Google, Bing Baido, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo, to name a few.

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How we conduct keyword research and analysis

As soon as you’ve introduced us to your business and told us about your digital marketing goals, we begin researching your industry sector and analysing the keywords used by your target audience. 

Keyword analysis for SEO

Our first step in creating a comprehensive keyword strategy is gathering as much data as possible about industry-specific keywords, and then narrowing down the list to the market sector and target audience. 


We compare the market sector keywords with those, if any, in your website content and their effectiveness in reaching your audience. 

Keyword competitor research

Our advanced keyword research establishes which keywords your competitors are using successfully in their SEO to penetrate the market and achieve high search engine rankings.

Packaged and presented

Our senior SEO specialist reviews and fine-tunes the extensive list of niche-specific keywords in order of importance and relevance for your specific needs.

Get explosive exposure with powerful SEO

Armed with a pack of powerful keywords, you can now take on your competitors and have the lion’s share of the target market by strategically adding the keywords to your online content. 


Here’s how our SEO marketing experts help businesses conquer rivals:

Weaponise your website with ON-SITE and OFF-SITE  SEO


Search engines look for keywords in the visible website content that people read on your web pages, including the headlines, body text, captions and alt text applied to any images. 


Search engines also look for keywords embedded in website elements, such as metadata, which appear as titles and descriptions with links in search results.


Use our professional writers to expertly write fresh, compelling web content or revise your current content with top-ranking keywords to reposition your website and attract more visitors, complete with metadata that makes your search engine listing stand out among competitors.

Aand lastly and more important, the master keyword strategy, the essence of off-page SEO marketing. This is where all begins and how your site will be indexed based on link building, etc.

Launch search engine marketing SEM) 

A search engine marketing campaign guarantees even more exposure for your business by strategically displaying ads directly in front of your target audience in search results and on other websites.    


We specialize in creating strategic pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns based on niche keyword research.

Contese case studies

We’ve helped grow hundreds of businesses with our keyword research service and digital marketing expertise, from startups to multinationals aiming to expand their worldwide reach.

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Work with the best

We’re good at what we do. More than 400 satisfied clients and a 4.9 review score verified by Fiverr Pro and Google is testament to that. Afterall, you found this page, didn’t you?


Get in touch and tell us about your business and we’ll tell you the best way to get explosive exposure online.

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