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Optimise SEO on Wix and Shopify

It's time to get more customers

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You have a market-ready brand and a wonderful Wix website or Shopify store up and running. Now you need customers. 

Attract more paying customers to your Shopify and Wix websites with expert on-site SEO by Contese Creative Agency.

How we help you penetrate your target market

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To penetrate your market niche and sell more, increasing visitors interest in your products is your top priority. 

We boost business for independent Shopify and Wix e-commerce stores with search engine optimisation (SEO) to increase the visibility of online shop rankings in relevant search results.

How to optimise SEO on Wix and Shopify

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Our on-page optimisation services combine several on-site SEO techniques and strategies to bring more organic web traffic to Shopify and Wix sites in four steps for success.

Our 4 steps to Organic SEO success

Step 1: Conduct keyword research in your market niche

We gather data on the keywords people are using to find products like yours and discover which combinations of keywords are successfully used by your direct competitors.

Our keyword research services also tell you which popular keywords your competitors aren’t using, which you can use to your advantage to target your niche customers.

Step 2: Review your Shopify or WIX SEO Content

Then we review the existing content on your website, including the page content, headers, image optimization, title tags, meta descriptions, structured data and more.

Step 3: Strategise

Armed with actionable data, we draw up a strategy to attract your specific target market based on the created keyword strategy

Step 4: Optimise your Shopify or Wix web pages

We then optimise or add your website's page SEO elements, including meta title and description, image alt text description.

The result is an SEO-friendly website that can appear more organically on the search results list when customers use keywords related to searching for products or services like the ones you offer.

Our basic package includes

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This is what you will get with our on-page optimisation service.

1. A unique keyword strategy to be applied to your website or e-commerce store.

2. SEO content optimisation that adds the keywords to titles (H1, H2 and H3) to help search engines identify and list your site.
*Request a customised quote if you need new content.

3. Unique meta titles and descriptions are written for each page with a focus to be crawled search engine listings.

4. Clickable text in a hyperlink (anchor text) linking it to other pages.

5. Alt tag (image alt text ) for all the website images. This is the text that search engines can read and can boost your SEO-friendly level organically by describing with good content using the researched keywords to search engines what your product and service are about 

6. A well-structured internal and external linking strategy ensures search engines algorithms crawl all your pages by telling them the content is related 

7. If your site is in developing phase or is recently launched, we will develop unique URLs for each page based on the keyword strategy.

8. Professional proofreading of the content to ensure perfect copy so is understandable to perfection by search engine algorithms.

Complementary Bonus

Four Amazing Blog Posts

Get off to a flying start with four complimentary blog posts written by our SEO writing team when you choose our onside SEO services. 

Regularly adding more written content, like blog posts, landing pages, etc., can boost your organic search engine rankings to make your store more visible. 

Why choose Contese for SEO on Shopify and Wix sites?

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We are a dedicated team of professional SEO specialists and content marketing copywriters with backgrounds in SEO, Marketing, and journalism.


That's how we understand that creating constant content, optimising website images, to increase your ranking against millions of competitors is needed but hugely time-consuming, but we know how to do on-site that will make your website stand out among your competitors when it gets crawled by search engines' algorithms. ​ We are efficient and skilful, saving you time, so you can focus on building your business and communicating with customers.


Ultimately, we want your brand to be successful online.

 Trusted to deliver

We have completed more than 1,100 projects across diverse industries; we have a stellar reputation for delivering consistent quality to hundreds of clients worldwide with a 4.9 review score verified by Fiverr pro, Google and Sortlist.

Start getting more customers

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Are you ready to start welcoming more customers through your online store’s doors? 

Get in touch and ask for a quote to optimise your Shopify or Wix web pages for search engines.

We’ll get back to you with some questions to find out more about your specific requirements, so we can give you a fair assessment to give your store a high search engine ranking.

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