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How to write SEO content for the web

Learn how to write effectively for the web, understand your audience, and build your brand voice with Sarah Gordon’s SEO copywriting course.


Boost your search engine ranking with our SEO Copywriting: Optimize Your Web Copy master class on This course teaches you how to write good SEO content by combining Sarah’s journalistic background with her expertise and knowledge of SEO content marketing and branding. Each aspect is broken down into actionable steps so that you can learn how to optimise your website and attract new customers to your business.


Master class presenter and our SEO content editor

Our content marketing editor Sarah Gordon, has the skills to craft website copy optimized for search engine visibility and captivating enough to draw in viewers.

With this course, you’ll learn directly from a journalist that worked for 12 years writing for leading UK newspapers such as the Daily Mail, Telegraph, the Independent, and the Guardian.

Why SEO content is essential

Informative and engaging SEO content is hugely important for a successful ON_SITE SEO strategy. As such, understanding how to write SEO content is essential to rank high in search engines such as Google and drive more traffic to your website. To create relevant content for your target audience, you’ll not only need to write well but also implement SEO best practices and weave SEO keywords into your text effectively. 


This course will teach you how to write in a way that appeals both to your target audience and search engines. It includes eight chapters jam-packed with useful lessons along with worksheets and quizzes to test your new-found knowledge. The course starts with the fundamentals of SEO and goes on to teach you how to write effectively for search engines, along with different strategies you can use to ensure your content is relevant.

Our Web content writing course includes

Along with SEO fundamentals and strategy, this content marketing masterclass will teach you everything you need to know about how to optimise your content for the web. You will learn:


Key strategies to help you understand who your audience is and what their interests and needs are 

How to conduct a thorough competitor analysis to see what similar brands in your market are doing

Understand how to build your content strategy 


How to target your ideal audience and research competition

Different types of search intent, such as informational, commercial, navigational, and transactional, so you can learn to target these key areas of the customer journey

Find different ways to stand out

Learn about long-tail keywords

Increase online visibility and attract your target audience with highly relevant long-tail keywords. These are longer, more specific keyword phrases with a lower search volume that visitors use, often when they’re closer to a point of purchase. Discover how to find and target long-tail keywords that have higher relevance to your brand and lower competition than regular keywords. You’ll learn how to write good SEO content by discovering how to drive high-quality traffic to your website using highly relevant and specific search terms.


Find out how to choose keywords that relate to the needs and interests of your target audience and choose ones with the right level of competition that you can actually rank for. You’ll also learn how to make them effective by subtly weaving them into your content writing.

Learn how to write content like a pro

Along with SEO analysis and targeting tactics, you’ll learn how to build a content strategy from scratch. This course teaches you the importance of setting clear marketing goals for your content to get the most out of your writing and attract more web traffic to your website. 

The master class combines successful content writing techniques with the key principles of journalism. Thanks to 10 years in the industry, Sarah shares her key insights and breaks down the key components of news headlines, the first paragraph, body text, and more. Using these techniques, you’ll not only learn how to rank higher in search engines but also how to write engaging text that’s accessible for readers.

Packed full of insightful and actionable tips, the master class will help you to improve your copywriting and create better content for your website. It takes you through different tips and techniques that you can use to improve your writing and find your unique voice. 


Learn how to fill your writing with personality, write with purpose and edit your content to perfection through different examples and strategies. You’ll be given actionable steps and exercises to implement all that you’ve learnt so you can put it into practice and improve your website copy immediately.

The road to independence

There are many courses out there that can teach you how to write SEO content and research keywords. However, this SEO Copywriting master class offers you a unique opportunity to learn how to build your brand voice, personality, and marketing strategy with the help of an experienced journalist. 


With your newfound knowledge, you’ll be able to easily create compelling copy in a journalistic style that ranks you highly on Google, generating more leads and increasing your reach to more potential customers. 

Watch a free preview of SEO Copywriting: Optimize Your Website Copy on Upon completion, you’ll receive a verified Fiverr badge for your Fiverr profile, giving you credentials to grow your online business with the valuable web writing knowledge and skills gained from this course.

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