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Case study - Web content for Wixar Naturals

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Discover how Wixar Naturals' SEO web content, encompassing engaging product descriptions, was meticulously crafted to drive customer action.

The web content development for our client Wixar Naturals, a nutrition supplements brand.

The challenge

Wixar Naturals is a nutrition company supplying daily gummy supplements to enhance vegan lifestyles, such as organic sea moss supplements. Although Wixar Naturals already had a website, they wanted us to make it more engaging, creative and attractive with a finer strategic focus on SEO to effectively market their unique products to their niche audience.

The proposal

Our team created a powerful content strategy to strengthen Wixar Natural’s web presence, and we started from scratch by creating entirely new page content for them that combined influential words woven into a seamless UX design. Alongside this, we developed a targeted keyword strategy, focusing on long-tail keywords that showed their target audience where to buy vegan supplements. We found the words that best resonated with the brand by researching the industry and its consumer base.

The result

The finalised content was delivered to Wixar Naturals with SEO optimisation and UX creative writing. Our blend of creative content and data-driven SEO research resulted in compelling content that drove considerably more traffic to their website, resulting in more customers wanting to buy nutrition supplements and a boost in revenue from their daily gummy product line. We gave them a dream solution, allowing their business to flourish and prosper. See the results yourself!

Discover how our team created compelling SEO web content for Wixar Naturals, including engaging product descriptions that drive customer action.


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