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What is blogging?

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

So, what is blogging? It is the act of publishing original content at regular intervals on a website.

In the early days of the internet, users could record their day in a diary form using a tool called a weblog.

Weblogs proved popular with other users who would read and comment on these entries. In time, this form of journaling became even more common, resulting in what we know today as blogging. So, what is blogging? It is the act of publishing original content at regular intervals on a website.

The number of blogs on the internet is ever-increasing. Our best estimate is that there are some 500 million active blogs today. The number is set to continue rising, as blogging is a popular format that has grown steadily over time.

Unlike the earliest weblogs, today’s blogs have gone mainstream, and many boast millions of followers. When done well, blog posts can be powerful, informative, and opinion-influencing tools. In particular, businesses like to use blogs for marketing their services in a less obvious way than traditional marketing methods.

What to blog about

What you should write about really depends on what you are using the blog for. If you are blogging as an individual, you might like to get your ideas into the world as part of your personal branding story. In that case, one of the essential tips for writing a blog is sticking to your passions and writing about what you know. After all, part of a blogger’s journey is gaining a following that enjoys valuable, informative content.

If you blog for business, you need to write about your products or services in an engaging way. Business blogs can be informative, but they should also be exciting and persuasive. The modern reader has little time to devote to boring blogs.

This is why many business blogs try to create valuable content related to their products but not directly about their products. You might own a dog kennel building service, but blogging about dog temperament and kennel training strategies will attract and engage dog lovers in general, who might then buy your kennels.

The great thing about blogging is that you can write about anything. You can cover any topic if you approach it with passion and consistency. One of the great benefits of blogging is that blogs are renewed with fresh content regularly, unlike regular websites, which remain static for more extended periods.

Types of blogs

The content of blogs varies widely. You can use any topic as a subject matter. There are wildly popular blogs on everything from sports, music, and food to fitness, and DIY. All types of blogs can be enriched with multi-media options that include eye-catching photographs, graphics, and videos.

Apart from the subject matter, the types of blogs can also be split by the blogger’s intention. Personal blogger might try to inspire and educate their readers. Business blogs often try to sell to their customers by linking topics of interest to their services. Media blogs write prolifically and intend to inform.

Some blogs choose to deviate from mainstream topics. Examples of these are niche blogs, which can become famous in their own right. Some examples of successful niche blogs include Japanese house-cleaning secrets and sewing and knitting blogs.

Tips for writing a blog

With so many blogs on the internet, you need to follow a few tips to make sure your blog posts stand out. The first tip is that it’s always good to know your audience before you start. This ensures that your blog will have a clear purpose and a consistent tone.

Another one of the essential tips for writing blog posts is to write compelling headlines. We are bombarded with information from every angle, meaning that only the most eye-catching content makes us stop paying attention. Once you have the reader’s attention, be sure to write in simple, straightforward language and arrange your text in short paragraphs to make the reading experience more enjoyable.

Always keep search engine optimization (SEO) in mind when writing your blog. SEO helps people find your blog posts through search engines like Google. Make sure your text includes keywords that relate to what people search for online.

Popular blog sites

Most major websites have a blog. The most popular blog sites tend to be established publications with high domain authority—some examples of these are premium business websites such as Forbes and Bloomberg.

Blogging platforms such as Medium and Hubspot are popular with independent bloggers. These bloggers can gain many followers in their own right but cannot match the large numbers of readers that subscribe to established publications.

Part of the success behind blog popularity comes down to keeping up with the latest trends. In recent times, more successful blogs have started publishing longer posts. Other trends have shown that blog post titles need to be a specific size to get the most clicks. Even more, trends indicate that successful blogs should contain at least one list item.

Whatever the reason for writing a new blog post, a blog writing service can help you succeed. Blog posts are time-consuming and have to be done right. A good blog post can position your brand as a thought leader and positively affect how your company is perceived.

Blogs need maintenance. They have to be optimized for SEO, meaning they have to follow specific rules, making them easier to find on the internet. Once you start a blog and raise expectations among your readers, it’s a good idea to create a content calendar. It’s easy to make one, but it’s harder to produce compelling content regularly. That’s why it’s smart to employ a good blog writing service.

Other benefits of blogs include increased customer engagement. Many blog owners become impatient with blogs as the payoff is not immediate. Professional blog writing services produce blogs at regular intervals to keep your audience engaged and interested. The long-term results are well worth the investment.


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