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Case study - Social media content for Ikos Resorts

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Uncover how our team assisted luxury hotel brand Ikos Resorts in developing its distinct brand voice on various social media channels.

Social account: ikosresorts

The social media content development for our client, Ikos Resorts, a luxury hotel brand.

The Challenge

As a luxury hotel group with a clutch of properties across the Mediterranean, Ikos Resorts has carved out a strong brand presence in the market. However, the growing hotel group wanted to hone its social media channels. A more strategic approach was needed to create an authentic brand voice and create more of an emotional connection with its target audience. Ikos uses four different social media platforms, each with a distinct audience, so as looking for an experienced travel copywriter to collaborate and develop a voice for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The Proposal

At Contese, we specialise in high-end travel content and luxury copywriting, the perfect combination for premium brands such as Ikos Resorts. Led by our editor Sarah Gordon, a former travel editor, we knew we would shine when it came to hotel social media ideas. Sarah is incredibly experienced in working with travel brands and works with international clients on everything from travel company branding to tourism content marketing.

Our approach was to build a close working relationship with Ikos Resorts. We worked flexibly, writing monthly content for the branding and marketing teams and creating more ad-hoc, real-time content as needed. It is an approach that allowed us to truly understand the goals of the Ikos brand and its growth strategy, building a brand voice that reflected this ambition, built up excitement and reminded social media followers of what makes Ikos Resorts different.

The Result

We have worked with Ikos Resorts creating social media content for more than three years, including during the Covid pandemic, which required flexibility, quick thinking and an entirely new approach. We’ve built upon our strong relationship and supported it with further travel content creation, from direct marketing emails to SEO website content, while helping create the company’s brand voice lexicon.

Discover how our team helped luxury hotel brand Ikos Resorts establish a unique brand tone across multiple social media platforms.


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