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Human-focused IT copywriting

Content that makes you stand out

From tabulators and punch-card machines to artificial intelligence and virtual reality, the IT industry has seen a lot of technological changes over the last century. New trends are appearing every day, too, and at ever faster rates. 


With the IT sector constantly evolving, when you have a big idea you want to stand out from the crowd and stay ahead of the competition. And it begins with communicating your message clearly.


Our team focuses on content marketing for tech companies, working with both established businesses and startups to uncover your USPs and effectively communicate them with your target audience. We take complex ideas and deliver a simple message to help you build relationships and create brand affinity in this competitive fast-paced world. 

The IT writing experts

When it comes to IT and tech writing, you want experienced writers who get to the heart of what your business is about. Equipped with all the right tools and knowledge of your industry, we create engaging and informative content that your target audience actually wants to read.


Utilizing a mixture of SEO and our journalist’s eye for a story, our writers tell your story effectively, so you can build a relationship with your target audience, going beyond offering a simple transaction to build brand loyalty. 

Tools for growth

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At Contese, our team of creative content developers don’t merely write stories; they also help with branding for tech companies, crafting compelling brand stories and creating targeted messaging to reach your audience. 


Our business is based on three pillars to help your brand thrive. These include: 


  • A bespoke content marketing strategy

  • In-depth brand messaging

  • Journalism-led editorial support

IT content
marketing services

When it comes to content marketing for IT companies and the tech sector, we offer a variety of services to support you as you grow your brand.

Targeted SEO

Two key pillars of digital marketing are search and content. Combining the two is a powerful way to increase your reach and drive engagement. The most effective strategy is to weave targeted keywords naturally into the body text of your content. Our team of experts can do this to ensure you end up with engaging, effective SEO content that ranks high in search engines .

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Our work

IT case studies

Regarding our branding and content marketing case studies for IT companies, we’ve created great projects that we are proud of.
Read more about our case studies, from creating ongoing web and blog content for to brand strategy and SEO web content for UK IT brand Enochian.