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Content that
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Corporate brand development for legal and HR firms


When it comes to specialist industries, you need a content partner with in-depth expertise and an eye for detail. At Contese, our creative team works to the highest editorial standards. We partner with you to help you build and establish your brand and stand out online. We take complex topics and distil them into engaging content. 

Where expertise meets experience

Our team of copywriters, designers and brand strategists partner with you to achieve your business goals. From executive search to international law firms, we've worked with businesses in the UK, USA, Canada and beyond to build their brand and presence online.

Effective content matters

For legal firms, HR departments, and talent search, building trust is key to connecting with your target audience. The right brand identity and content can position you as an authority in your field, help rank you online and communicate your unique message. 

How we work, what we do

We believe in building long-term partnerships, so we can get to the heart of your business and help you effectively communicate your value. From branding through to building your website, SEO content to marketing, at Contese Agency we work to get your brand seen by active, interested audiences. ​

Our services

In today’s digital world, there are more information channels than ever and more touchpoints on the customer journey. ​It's why we take a data-led approach to all projects we work on, analysing the market and target audience to inform all the content that we produce.  






Give your brand the edge

In a busy market that is undergoing a tech-led revolution, it is more important than ever for businesses in the HR and legal sectors to connect with their target audiences. We work with you on everything from your identity to strategy, so you can build your business into a brand.


Boost brand value 

Communicate core values

Develop trust and brand loyalty

Distinguish your brand 

Ensure your team understands the brand







Convert through creative content

Compelling content resonates with your target audience and helps them make informed decisions. With specialist copywriters who can simplify even the most complex ideas, you can build a connection to make you visible, increase engagement, and convert leads.

Build an emotive connection

Inspire your target audience

Share a unique story

Craft a customer experience

Create brand loyalty





Build authority with editorial

Led by a former national newspaper journalist and editor, our editorial team has a laser eye for details. We work to produce concise, accurate and compelling content to the highest editorial standards so you can position yourself as an authority and lead the conversation.

Drive action

Build influence

Write journalist-quality content

Establish a brand tone of voice

Develop editorial strategies





Rank your brand online

In-depth keyword research and tailored SEO strategies help you elevate your brand's online presence. We root all our work in SEO research and insights, so you know that your expert content will find the right audiences and drive action.


Attract motivated buyers

Understand search trends

Improve search engine rankings

Boost online brand awareness

Get found online

      The Journey:
The complete package

When we work with businesses on everything from building their brand to content marketing, SEO and editorial support we call it The Journey. It's about helping you build your brand from the ground up, supporting your journey and delivering tangible results. 

  1. Logo design

  2. Storytelling

  3. Strategy + identity

  4. Brand book

  1. Web content

  2. Blog posts

  3. Social media

  4. Email marketing

  1. Press releases

  2. Articles

  3. Transcreation

  4. Scriptwriting

  1. Keyword sytrategy

  2. On-site SEO

  3. Off-site SEO

Why work with us

In today's world, people are most loyal to the brands they love. Whether you're talking to the trade or consumers, we help you tell your story and create that connection. 

At Contese Agency, we use time-tested journalism research techniques, brand analysis and SEO tools to create content your audience actually wants to read. Maintaining the delicate balance of engaging, useful, and persuasive, we create content that helps you achieve your business goals.

Check our case studies

If you want to see examples of our branding and content marketing services for legal and HR firms, take a look at our case studies. 

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