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Corporate copywriting for legal and HR

No matter your business or industry, communication is key. Projecting the right brand image and informing your audience through quality content are the most effective messaging strategies. This is particularly important in highly specialised industries like the legal and HR sectors. You need to take complex topics and distil them down into engaging content. 

That’s why great copy is key. The right copywriter can take in-depth topics and turn those ideas into content that resonates with your audience. And at Contese, delivering compelling copy is our business. 

Effective content

For legal firms to HR departments and talent search the key to connecting with your target audience is building trust. The right content positions you as an authority in your field, helps rank you online and communicates your unique message. 


To achieve this requires the targeted use of language in an authentic voice. It ensures your law firm branding or HR content marketing is as engaging as it is informative. It is an approach that applies to all your inbound marketing initiatives, from email campaigns to social media marketing. 

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Do this successfully and the quality of your branding in HR and law content writing will not only stand out from the competition but connect with your readers on a deeper, more fundamental level.

Premium content by skilled copywriters

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We provide the tools you need to create engaging content that perfectly encapsulates your brand. We have a team of experienced HR content marketing specialists and law content writing experts who can take complicated technical subjects and distil them down to their essence so they are accessible and consumer-friendly. 


At Contese, we’ve provided quality specialised services such as branding in HR and law firm SEO for clients across multiple industries. Moreover, we have the skills to deliver such tailored information to your target audience at the right time - that precise moment on the search journey when they’re actively looking for services and information. 

How we work, what we do

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A business - any business - is much more than an entity that offers products and services. It’s an idea, a message, and an identity all wrapped in one. This is the essence of commercial branding.


It’s what we at Contese excel at.


We get to the bottom of what makes your brand and services unique, helping communicate that to active, interested audiences. 

Because bringing a brand to life requires much more than slapping a logo on a banner ad. That won’t set you apart from the competition. In today’s digital world there are more information channels than ever and more touchpoints on the customer journey. To speak directly to your target audience amid all this noise requires a stellar content strategy. 


We work closely with our clients in the legal and HR industries to craft the perfect branding and content strategy for their operations. It’s a multipronged approach that includes content creation and targeted search engine optimisation. Leave it to our dedicated experts to craft the right HR and law-firm SEO strategy to ensure you rank high on Google.


Whether you want to create an in-depth content on a niche topic or announce a new product or service, it’s all about messaging. Communicating a strong branded message is key. At Contese, we can help you do this no matter your needs, be it:

  • Content Marketing, from blog posts to website content, landing pages and more.

  • Branding, from the messaging to the identity and strategy.

  • Editorial, from press releases, scripts and articles, just to mention a few of our services.

Why work with us

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Telling an engaging story is all about the fundamentals. At Contese, we blend time-tested journalism techniques with branding best practices and laser-sharp SEO to create the content your audience actually wants to read. It’s effective because it maintains the delicate balance of being engaging, useful, and persuasive all at once. 


In today’s world, people are most loyal to the brands they love. Whether you are talking to the trade or consumers, we help you tell your story and create that connection. This not only helps you stand out but also creates relationships built on trust and expertise. These are precisely the types of relationships that can lead to love.

The heart of the matter


At Contese, we believe that through words we have the power to connect with audiences around the world and build trust in your brand. That’s content marketing done right.

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Check our case studies

If you're interested in seeing examples of our branding and content marketing services for legal companies, please read a case study describing the SEO content we created for the website and blog post for the Mission job company in Canada.

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