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Case Study - Blog Content Strategy and SEO Campaign for African Business Magazine Capmad

This image is related to the case study about the blog content strategy and SEO campaign for African business magazine Capmad.


Capmad African Business Magazine has an ambitious plan. The online business magazine aims to educate global investors on opportunities in Africa and strengthen the economy of Madagascar. Fresh with funding and ready to launch its platform, the CEO approached us at Contese Agency to map out a blog content strategy and an SEO campaign strategy for the first four months for its editorial team, to accompany its in-depth market analyses and investment outlooks. 

The Challenge

With an ultra-targeted readership and strict geographic focus, Capmad had the business insights and information to bring the digital magazine to life. But it needed extra editorial support in order to showcase its expertise, grow traffic through SEO and position itself online. That’s where Contese Agency came in.

With editor Sarah Gordon’s national newspaper background, as an agency, we have a strong focus on creating engaging, timely and in-depth editorial pieces. In this case, Capmad wanted us to use a combination of strategy and creativity to create a blog content plan for its writing teams.

This would form a key part of the startup’s B2B content marketing plan, along with guest posts and press releases that would also be produced by our team to create backlinks and help it rank in search engine results pages. 


Our SEO content agency got to work creating a strategy based on four key content pillars we created for this SEO blog writing project. We needed topical themes, they needed to appeal to Capmad’s specialist readership and we needed to teach them something they didn’t know. It was an opportunity to take a deep dive beyond the headlines and examine specific topics in more depth. From educational pieces focused on investment opportunities and African business trends to a look at the burgeoning startup community and how major companies were partnering with government agencies, we wrecked to create a varied blog content strategy.

We began with advanced keyword research, looking at how business professionals were investigating business and finance news in Africa, and combined this with timely topics and ideas that would interest this target audience. The result was a holistic strategy that featured suggested headlines, keywords for each post and ideas for how to map out the content. This was then passed on to the editorial team within Capmad to produce the content. 


Capmad African Business Magazine was able to launch to market with a strong body of content to help position the business magazine online. From day one, the magazine was seen as an authority thanks to its quantity of content and the editorial team now follows this approach to continue creating posts that support its blog content strategy.

If you’re looking for a blog content strategy or SEO campaign strategy for your business. We combine strategy and SEO research to create content calendars filled with informative, engaging content ideas that will appeal to your target audience. Contact us!


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