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Case study - SEO blog writing for Cicerone Granada

The following case study highlights the successful outcomes of our SEO blog writing services for Cicerone Granada, a Spain-based travel company.

The challenge

When it comes to travel marketing case studies, Cicerone Granada is an interesting example. As a travel company with a very strong specialism, Cicerone is one of the leaders when it comes to tours and experiences in the Spanish city of Granada. As part of its content marketing strategy, the company had created a blog page where it wrote guides to Granada and interesting articles about its history. However, the posts were short and sometimes lacking in detail and Cicerone felt they could be working harder to help show the company’s deep knowledge of the city and inspire travellers. They also wanted native English copywriters, as previously had been writing in Spanish and translating the blog posts, which resulted in some awkward wording. That’s why they approached Contese for our blog content writing services.

What we did

Working with Cicerone, we mapped out the best-performing blog posts, the ones that were ranked well in search engines. This is where we would begin creating blog posts, keeping the keywords that were performing well while rewriting the copy to improve quality. We also conducted our own keyword research to include other high-performing long-tail keywords.

The ideas for the posts were interesting but the writing itself needed to be more captivating and the tips and insights needed to be more details to offer value to the reader. As highly experienced travel writers, our team got to work expanding posts to at least 1,000 words in order to fully explore themes and ideas. 

The result was in-depth blog posts written by travel writers who know Granada and could share ideas that would encourage people to book a Granada trip, consider a tour and feel informed about the place they were visiting.

The result

The new, in-depth posts were a success both in terms of ranking well and keeping readers on the page longer. With the most important posts completed, Cicerone could build its organic SEO and start to attract more readers and more customers. The longer posts performed well online thanks to maintaining the original, high-performing keywords, adding fresher options and by improving the quality of the writing to make them accurate, informative and relevant to readers - all key elements that search engine algorithms search for.

This case study highlights the success of our SEO blog writing for Cicerone Granada, a travel company located in Spain.


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