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Case study - Web content for The Rebelion

For our client, The Rebellion, we crafted web content that is both thought-provoking and SEO-friendly. This brand is focused on empowering women and providing self-help resources.

The challenge

The Rebelion brand is a reflection of female empowerment. It encourages women fed up with the male-dominated corporate world to strike out on their own with the help of a support network and empowerment tools contained in a downloadable 90-day guide.

Looking for website content writing services, they approached Contese for a fresh approach to their site. For such a dynamic brand, we knew they would need provocative content that would inspire action.

The proposal

The Rebelion needed about 1,500 words of web copywriting that would help quickly convert visitors into customers with just three pages of empowering content.

While the website would only consist of a homepage, an about page, and a product page featuring downloadable content, it needed to make an impact.

Our editorial team created a storytelling content structure, speaking tot the pain points the target audience faces and inspiring them with a solution.

This was rooted in a well-researched keyword strategy targeting 12 long-tail SEO keywords, which would be woven into the website content and meta tags without disrupting the flow of the content.

The result

The website content example we used to showcase our approach to the client was approved. And we went on to create a persuasive, punkesque message, shouting out The Rebelion’s no-nonsense approach of sticking it to The Man and striking out alone with unbridled confidence.

Crossing traditional copywriting lines, we even went as far as to use the F-word, to reflect the power of this rebellious brand.

Thanks to our SEO research, The Rebelion is giving more women a shot at independence and life-career fulfilment.

Web content for The Rebellion was thoughtfully crafted to not only be SEO-friendly, but also to provoke thought and empower women through self-help resources. This was achieved through meticulous creation of their online presence.


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