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Case study - Web content for Xpence

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Xpence Fintech approached us for assistance in creating website content and conducting SEO research to attract a larger customer base in the Middle East.

The development of the website content for our client, Xpence, a financial technology company.

The challenge

Xpence is a fintech company based in Bahrain providing expense cards and automated accounting solutions with apps that allow businesses to easily manage accounts across entire departments worldwide in real-time.

They wanted persuasive website content to attract more customers in Bahrain, United Arab Emirates & Saudi Arabia, such as freelancers, small businesses, and corporations with employees with expense accounts.

Being in direct competition with major banks and other fintech companies in the region, the primary challenge was establishing Xpence as a viable alternative to traditional banks and educating businesses about the time and money they could save.

The Proposal

To build recognition and trust in the regional and international business community, we proposed creating written content for 16 web pages totalling about 3,500 words backed by keyword and competitor research to establish 16 long-tail keywords targeting startups and growing businesses in the Middle East.

Thanks to our strategic SEO writing skills, each page was optimised for search engines with meta content and unique URLs.

As a large portion of their customer base speaks English as a second or third language, we recommended keeping the writing tone simple and professional to avoid any potential confusion from the overuse of colloquialisms.

The result

The new fintech is now carving out a respectable niche as a major Middle Eastern business community player. Moreover, it is preparing to expand internationally, thanks to its straightforward and compelling descriptions of its services.

We gave Xpence an authoritative and upbeat voice that quickly instils confidence in potential buyers as the company grows.

We were approached by Xpense Fintech to create website content that would appeal to a larger audience in the Middle East. Our task included conducting SEO research to effectively attract potential customers.


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