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Case study - Web content for The Sylvan Group

We were given the task of creating new web content for The Sylvan Group, in order to establish effective messaging for their websites.

The challenge

Based in Singapore and working across Asia, the independent private investment firm The Sylvan Group was building two new websites. The first was to educate investors on its approach to driving sustainable change through investment through The Sylvan Group. The second was for the Sylvan Sustainability Lab, working with ambitious businesses and supporting them as they strive to build a more sustainable society. The company needed our website content writing services to bring both concepts to life and appeal to different target audiences.

The proposal

We worked with The Sylvan Group to create a content strategy for each website, ensuring clear messaging that would speak to the different target audiences. With both of these projects, it was important to showcase the company’s credentials and build up excitement for the change it was supporting, as well as ensuring the right SEO keywords to reach the right audiences. For The Sylvan Group website, we focused on the idea of creating value and delivering superior investment returns. We showcased the company’s approach and used short, sharp texts to outline strong, concise arguments for investing with the group. When it came to the Sylvan Sustainability lab, we took a more emotive approach. Speaking to business leaders who are passionate about the change they are generating, we needed to position the brand as an ally, empowering them to reach greater heights. Having created a web content example for both websites, we were given the go-ahead to fully develop both content sets.

The result

For both sets of website content, we needed to turn the copy around very quickly so the company could meet its deadlines. Following phone calls to establish what our website content writing services would involve and to learn more about the ambitious projects, we completed the SEO research and content writing in record time. Today, both websites stand as proud examples of what can be achieved with smart, sustainable investment. Let's build your website content today!

For The Sylvan Group, we were the natural choice to develop new web content and create a strong brand message for their websites.


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