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Case study - Web content for Viña Memorias

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

We were approached by Viña Memorias, a family-run boutique winery situated in Valencia's renowned "Land of Bobal". Working closely with them, we crafted a captivating wine narrative and web content for their online platform.

The challenge

Viña Memorias is a family-owned, specialist wine producer based in Requena, Valencia. They contacted our lead editor Sarah Gordon because they wanted to apply an SEO content strategy to re-launch their website and brand. They also wanted to create exciting tasting note sections for their crianza and cava wine labels. The company’s aim was to elevate these wines and provide an emotional connection for customers.

The company wanted to apply messaging that developed customer relationships and loyalty. They wanted to clarify their message to customers and partners and solidify their position as an exciting Valencian winery. The brand’s web copy and wine label descriptions had to be interesting enough to draw in new customers, and technical enough to appeal to wine experts. Our team was tasked with creating web copy to engage the right audience and short, snappy labels that would convince shoppers to make a purchase.

The solution

The Contese team, led by Sarah Gordon and Joe, took the time to learn about Annie, the owner of the winery. They carefully studied the company's principles, motivations, and values. From there, they created a brand story centered around their most prized grape, the Valencian bobal. This brand story was used to shape the company's website, which included conducting SEO research and analysis. The team developed a strategy that highlighted Viña Memorias' rich history and their unique kosher wine.

We used our wine content writing background to create SEO web copy tailored to the company’s target market and brand voice. Each page applied a carefully developed SEO content strategy to capture the right audience with content that they would enjoy reading.

Finally, we developed wine labels that combined emotive language with our industry-specific knowledge. We distilled descriptions into sharp sentences to invite customers on a journey with Viña Memorias. Each label celebrated its long tradition of fine kosher wine production and encouraged the reader to take part.

We were approached by Viña Memorias, a family-owned boutique winery situated in Valencia's renowned "Land of Bobal." Our team worked on crafting wine storytelling and web content for their site.


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