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Case study - Ecommerce content for HB Comfort

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

We crafted an original and empowering brand narrative to establish the rallying cry for HB Comfort, a sustainable fashion brand.

The challenge

HB Comfort first approached Contese Agency to help craft their brand story. As a sustainable fashion brand, crafting pieces with planet-friendly hemp and bamboo, the founders wanted to better connect with their audience. Once we had created an impactful brand story, they wanted us to translate this new, snappy and empowering tone of voice to their website to enhance the overall content and product descriptions.

The proposal

When it comes to writing for ecommerce brands, you need to strike the right balance of storytelling and useful information to persuade customers to buy.

We worked with the client to structure the pages, ensuring that they would become part of the HB Comfort story as soon as they entered the homepage.

There are two key reasons for customers to buy from HB Comfort: the brand’s dedication to sustainability and the comfort offered y each soft piece of clothing. We needed to ensure that both of the brand’s key messages were front and centre.

This two-pronged messaging also needed to be included in the ecommerce content, with SEO product descriptions written to showcase the benefit consumers would enjoy with HB Comfort.

All our content was written by professional copywriters with the support of our keyword research specialist and the result was engaging content that would help the brand rank online.

The result

HB Comfort is on track to rank better in search engines thanks to the use of organic, long-tail keywords in the copy and also on the back end of the website, from the meta to the page URLs.

It also effectively reflects the brand story, ensuring consistency in messaging across brand touchpoints. The final touch would be regular blog posts to boost HB Comfort’s ranking further.

A case study was conducted for HB Comfort's ecommerce content. Our team developed a unique and invigorating brand story to create a unifying message for the sustainable fashion company.


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