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Case study - Content marketing for Quick Lock & Key

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Discover how our website content writing services elevated Quick Lock & Key's online presence through innovative copy and effective SEO strategies in this compelling case study on content marketing.

The challenge

When Arizona locksmith business Quick Lock & Key wanted a full website showcasing all their services, they came to Contese for our website content writing services.

With around 20 services to publicise, they wanted a comprehensive website that would showcase what makes them different, to bring traffic from local residents and businesses and build trust.

The proposal

We worked with Quick Lock & Key to help map out their content strategy and devise what pages were needed to showcase the variety of services they offer.

The key was to understand what each service entailed and to root it in local SEO. Our SEO strategist focused his research on just the areas of Arizona that the client served and from there we could create a local keyword strategy that we knew would help bring the right traffic to the site.

From there, it was a case of weaving those keywords into the content, building trust with explanations about the team and their expertise, and keeping the content clear and concise. From our website content example, the direction for the content was approved and we completed to budget and to deadline.

The results

We turned around the SEO research and website context in record time, ensuring that the client had everything they needed for the design phase as quickly as possible. Within weeks, their website was live, thanks in part to the SEO-friendly meta content we had provided alongside the website content. The Arizona business is functioning well, with the SEO strategy bringing the right clients to their site.

Discover how Quick Lock & Key achieved online success with our innovative content marketing strategies. Through our website content writing services, we were able to elevate the brand's online presence and boost SEO through engaging copy.


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