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Ruling the web with SEO content

Updated: May 25, 2023

Quality content is the primary way businesses boost their organic search engine rankings.

Google has more than a 91 per cent share in the world’s search engine market, spewing out millions of search results every minute. When Google is the first port of call for quick answers, it makes sense to befriend the behemoth, so it’ll usher web traffic to your website, blog post, or social media channel through search listings.

But how do you compete with the billions of daily search results and persuade Google algorithms to put your business at the top of the pile among millions of others?

The secret is simple. Google will pay you in kind with high-ranking search results when you feed their engine with its favourite thing – content. That means words and lots of them. But Google is a fussy eater. You can’t just post any words; their AI now knows what to read, whether it is good or original.

That is to understand the importance of content in SEO to get ahead of the competition.

Organic SEO strategies

From writing relevant, enticing content and meta descriptions to adding thoroughly researched long-tail keywords or creating alt text images are some things you can do to try to rank your website at the top of search engine listings. With so many new businesses online, it’s becoming harder to get noticed by a target audience. Hence, a strong Organic SEO strategy is vital for your brand's online success.

But how do you get started? Below is a detailed guide on enhancing your brand’s content and incorporating the best SEO practices.

What is defined as content?

When you search for something on Google, a link to a website or blog post which answers your specific query or question will typically pop up at the top of the search engine results. This information can be defined as content.

Written content can be defined by different styles, such as blog posts, press releases, case studies and website pages, all of which can be used in conjunction with the best SEO practices to attract your audience. While content can help your business achieve more leads and grow your customer base organically, each piece of content needs to have a purpose so that an audience will want to read it.

You aren’t directly selling your products or services to a customer, but you see a problem in their daily lives, providing solutions as to how they can fix it and only then linking it back to your business.

When you have enticing content that serves a purpose to your audience, you can begin to incorporate the best SEO practices to help a wider audience discover it.

The benefits of SEO content optimisation

Strong and engaging content is important for SEO to succeed.

When you master content optimisation tools, your content and business can benefit greatly.

Engaging content can be separated into:

  1. Good, readable content for humans. Google algorithms are continually improving to recognise what human readers like and want.

  2. Well-structured content for Google. Good structure, such as clear headers, provides context for Google on what the page is all about and to understand the content and make it more user-friendly.

Increases online visibility

By absorbing content, your SEO practices will be successful. However, once you’ve developed valuable content your audience wants to read, you have a higher chance of being discovered online. Whether you’re promoting a website, blog post, or social media account, good SEO-friendly content can increase your online presence.

Can maintain high click-through rates

A click-through rate refers to how many people clicked on a site out of the total number that saw the search result. That's why relevant content can help answer audience questions and queries, gain their trust, and encourage and engage them to make conversions by following calls to action.

Attracts your demographic audience

When you write content for SEO, you need to find the right way to talk to your demographic. This starts with a well-made keyword strategy by researching keywords your target audience will search for. Once you introduce these into your content, without incorporating too many, you will see relevant traffic visiting your website.

Importance of frequent updates

Once good SEO practices get your content to the top of Google’s result pages, you’ll need to keep feeding it to keep it there. By continually adding strong SEO optimised content to your site, you can enjoy ongoing high rankings, helping your website generate regular organic traffic.

How to structure SEO content

Content should be presented to attract and engage customers and encourage them to take a specific call to action, usually to purchase your brand’s product or service.

Keep your readers engaged

To keep your readers on the page, you’ll need to make your content easy to read and digestible. Keep the format simple and break the text into short paragraphs under headings and subheadings. Include lists to break up the text and keep readers interested.

Write for your audience

The number one SEO writing tip is to write for your audience. All too often, people write content for the sake of it, trying to increase their online reach. However, without giving your potential customers a reason to continue reading, they’ll leave your content behind and find the answers they seek with a competitor.

Structure for search engines

Another key for businesses is link building. That's why we need to add backlinks to your content to provide readers extra information and help Google understand your content more. This will help get your page in front of the relevant audience.

Keep user experience in mind

Google measures human interactions with your site, such as how long the reader spends on the page and whether they click on the call to action. This comes down to good, clear content focused on user experience. A well-written and designed page will ensure that the reader can easily navigate the page while remaining engaged with the content.

How Contese helps build

your search engine rankings today

Content is the king more than ever in today's cut-throat world of internet marketing and commerce. That's why at Contese creative content agency, we are passionate about helping businesses worldwide achieve quality content and stellar SEO market research for your specific demographic target market.

Our team of professional writers, editors, and SEO experts will help you feed the search engine algorithm AI with quality content to help your brand rank higher.

Get in touch with us today, and we’ll answer all your questions.


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