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How to strike the right tone with your travel social media content

Updated: Feb 20

Social media is a prime opportunity to create an emotional bond with your audience, as they frequent it throughout the day. In today's digital era, it is essential for brands to have a presence on social media. For the travel and tourism industry, the key is finding the perfect tone that showcases your brand's personality through storytelling. Whether it be through captivating words or mesmerizing visuals, or even something as simple as resonating with your audience, the right tone will make your brand easily recognizable and beloved by your audience. Most importantly, it will establish a consistent and unified approach in communicating all aspects of your brand.

Social media is the place where your audience hangs out morning, noon and night, giving you a fabulous chance to build an emotional connection with them on a regular basis. In today’s digital world, it’s where brands need to be.

Social media for travel and tourism is all about striking the right tone. One that conveys your personality through storytelling – from captivating words to mesmerising visuals, or even something simple that resonates with your audience.

The right tone makes your brand instantly recognisable, with a unique style your audience knows and loves. And it builds a unified approach, a consistent core of communication that threads together all elements of your brand.

Here’s how to fine-tune your tone and get your brand's travel social media content right.

Get to know the different social media channels

Despite the rise of other popular social media platforms, Facebook remains a dominant force with nearly three billion monthly users globally. Its advanced advertising algorithm allows for effective targeting, making it ideal for family-oriented brands.


Despite the emergence of other popular social media platforms, Facebook is still hugely influential – it’s the most used platform, with almost three billion monthly users worldwide. Its highly sophisticated advertising algorithm makes it easy to reach a targeted audience, especially if you’re a family-oriented brand.

Twitter is ideal for brief, impactful communication. It is a widely used online platform where your brand's message can rapidly gain traction through collaboration with influential users. As 89% of consumers now turn to Twitter for purchases, it is essential to have an active account in order to achieve success.

Twitter (X)

Perfect for concise, high-impact messaging, Twitter is a highly populated online public arena where your brand’s message can quickly spread with the help of other influential users. With 89 per cent of users now using Twitter to buy products or services, maintaining an account is vital to success.

Utilizing its strong visual appeal, Instagram holds the promise of establishing a deep emotional connection with its users. Ideal for innovative marketing initiatives and building a sense of trust with your followers, this platform is popular among 67% of avid travelers on the lookout for inspiration.


With its strong visual focus, Instagram has the potential to create a solid emotional bond with users. Perfect for creative campaigns and for crafting a trusted bond with your audience, Instagram is used by 67 per cent of travel enthusiasts seeking inspiration.

Ideal for creating dynamic, concise videos targeted towards a youthful demographic, TikTok is a valuable tool for delivering brief yet impactful messages and boosting audience interaction. More than 52 million individuals have visited a location after finding inspiration from a video on TikTok.


Perfect for snappy, succinct, high-impact videos aimed at a younger audience, TikTok can help you provide quick insights and increase engagement. Over 52 million TikTok users have travelled to a destination after being inspired by a TikTok video.

LinkedIn is a valuable tool for establishing your brand's reputation in the travel and tourism industry, with a strong emphasis on professionalism. It allows you to share compelling content that positions your brand as a leading authority in the industry. With an extensive user base of over 930 million worldwide, it wields considerable influence over businesses globally.


With more of a professional emphasis, LinkedIn is useful for building your brand reputation within the travel and tourism industry. Here, you can create strong content that positions your brand as a thought leader within the industry. With over 930 million global users, it has a significant influence on businesses all over the world.

As the third most popular social media platform among women, Pinterest boasts a strong following in the US, boasting nearly 85 million dedicated users. This makes it an ideal platform for travel brands to showcase their creativity through visually stunning imagery and compelling content. Additionally, Pinterest trends have a longer-lasting impact compared to other platforms, with a lifespan that surpasses the average trend by 21%.


The third most popular social media platform with women, Pinterest is especially popular in the US, where it has almost 85 millions users. It’s particularly effective for travel brands, as the visual nature of the platform gives you the chance to get creative with beautiful imagery and captivating content. It’s also effective for long-term impact – Pinterest trends last 21 per cent longer than trends on other platforms.

How to define your tone of voice

Your tone of voice refers to the way your brand communicates with your audience. This can include the words you use, whether written or spoken, and the emotional tones they take.

However, tone of voice doesn’t only refer to written or spoken words. It can also be a visual tone of voice that showcases your brand’s personality and identity to your audience.

Finding and refining your tone of voice takes work. Your process should include the following:

  • Define your brand’s core values. What is your brand all about, and what can you deliver to your audience? This will give you a clearer idea of the message you want to convey to your audience.

  • Drill down on the tone that encapsulates your brand personality. Whether it's playful humour, formal professionalism or sky’s-the-limit enthusiasm, or a delicate balance of them all, detail exactly how your brand can communicate with the buyer persona.

  • Fine-tune your tone. Just like people, brands evolve. You’ll need to adapt your message and strategy to best reach your target audience. Whether it’s keeping up with changing trends and attitudes, or testing and tweaking as you go, an adaptable approach to tone is essential.

  • Create your all-important brand guidelines. This is the unified approach, the connective thread that runs through all of your communications. Your style guide is everything from the colours, logos and, of course, the language that will help your brand build an authentic connection with your audience.

Utilizing your voice. After establishing your tone and contemplating its adaptability across various mediums, it may be beneficial to establish guidelines for interacting with your online audience.

Using your voice

Once you’ve defined your tone of voice and considered how it can translate to different platforms, it’s helpful to set some ground rules for communicating with your audience online.

Your brand tone of voice guidelines should include the following

  • Your target audience

  • How your brand sees your audience

  • Your brand’s core values

  • The grammar and style rules you want use

  • The kinds of words to use (and those to avoid)

  • Your overall mission statement

  • Examples of the type of content that can be used

Keep in mind that your tone of voice should adapt depending on the social media platform. Tweet, Reels and Facebook posts should all be recognisable as coming from the same brand. But they should all use different language and style, to effectively connect with each platform’s respective audiences.

Your tone on Facebook and Twitter, for example, might be more direct or informative, while Instagram and TikTok could be snappier and more playful. Adapting your tone yet retaining brand personality is essential to get maximum engagement across all platforms.

The brands getting travel social media right

The hotel brand specializes in all-inclusive, luxurious accommodations that cater to every need for a truly serene stay. Speaking directly to their audience, they use poetic language to tap into emotions and evoke a sense of openness with visuals of serene swimming pools and immaculate surroundings. Their imagery also showcases lively individuals enjoying thrilling adventures, giving a glimpse into the exciting opportunities available.

Ikos Resorts

This hotel brand focuses on all-inclusive luxury, where everything is taken care of, for a blissfully relaxing experience. They speak directly to the audience, focusing on emotions and sensations with poetic content, while evoking a sense of space through imagery of empty, inviting swimming pools and a pristine environment. Their imagery also focuses on people in motion, joyful and dynamic, offering a glimpse into the exciting experiences that await.

Using user-generated content, Airbnb has become skilled at captivating audiences through storytelling. By hosting competitions on their platform, they cleverly encourage creators to showcase the brand's distinct offerings and authenticity. This allows for a spotlight on eccentric homes, luxurious stays, and unparalleled vacations from all corners of the globe.


The experts at storytelling through user-generated content, Airbnb has figured out how to make its audience do the hard work. Creator content, cultivated by competitions created by the platform, showcases the brand’s unique offering and authenticity while highlighting quirky homes, luxury stays and one-of-a-kind getaways available around the world.

In terms of tone, they opt for professional and informative content that’s consistent and to the point, a strategy that resonates with Airbnb’s wide demographic.

With infectious charm and a daring spirit, Virgin Voyages crafts engaging content that resonates with both the youthful and the young at heart. Infused with a distinct British wit, their approachable tone exudes playfulness and optimism. In addition to traditional marketing methods, Virgin employs innovative strategies, including awarding cruises to influential individuals for brand promotion. Most recently, they even utilized AI technology in a humorous campaign.

Virgin Voyages

Enthusiastic and optimistic content that strikes a chord with the young and the young at heart, Virgin Voyages takes a playful and approachable tone, infused with a trademark British wit and a bold sense of adventure.

Virgin uses creative tactics when it comes to getting its message out, such as giving away cruises to successful influencers to help promote their brand. The travel company also used AI technology in a humorous way for a recent campaign.

With their expertise in garnering attention on TikTok and Instagram, Expedia captivates the interest of wanderers through visually stunning videos showcasing idyllic locations. These enticing images offer a glimpse of the unforgettable adventures that await those who choose to book with the renowned travel brand. Additionally, Expedia runs uplifting social media initiatives aimed at captivating and expanding its following.


Experts at engagement on TikTok and Instagram, Expedia entices travellers with quality videos of lush destinations, showing audiences the kinds of experiences they could have if they book with them.

The travel brand also runs inspirational social media campaigns to engage and increase its audience.

Getting social media content right

Developing your brand’s unique, strong social media tone of voice builds a connection with your audience and demonstrates what your brand stands for. It's a powerful tool with huge creative potential that can have a decisive impact in a competitive sector.

At Contese Creative Content Agency, we work with top travel brands like Ikos Resorts to define and create a brand voice that strikes the right tone with the right audience.

Our social media writing services are designed to help your brand build trust and forge connections with new audiences.

Get in touch with us to find out more


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