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Interested in easily accessing our digital marketing agency’s services? Take advantage of our online marketplace, where you can easily compare prices and select the desired package with just a click of a button. Say goodbye to endless email exchanges, surprise costs, and stress.
Advanced keyword strategy services

Creating a well-structured SEO marketing plan and SEO content for websites or blog posts using an extensively researched master keyword strategy with the goal of being visible online.


Our team of specialists delve into your industry, gain an understanding of your target market and country of focus and evaluate your competitors to create an advanced keyword strategy that works for your business.


A proper keyword strategy can make all the difference to your brand's online success. Our well-curated keyword research process is based on the hundreds of SEO projects we have completed and a decade of experience in online brand positioning.


How do we do it?

Our SEO expert and editors dive into the data to analyse each potential keyword for your brand based on the problems you solve for customers. Considering your audience and how and where they search, we analyse the potential keywords based on the volume and keyword difficulty.


Our development process blends marketing and editorial analysis with data research for the best results. We use the best tools to create robust strategies that help your brand stand out and attract high-quality organic traffic.


 Here's what we include: 

  • Full analysis of your brand offers and target audience
  • Analysis of your competitor's website with advanced SEO tools
  • From one to five research pillars
  • Keyword strategy from 50  and up to 250 high-quality long-tail keywords
  • One set of changes
  • One country of focus (Please request a customised quote if you require more than one, up to a maximum of five)


Are you looking to how to buy keywords for SEO? Book now or request a customised quote.


Let's get your brand seen online!


Advanced keyword strategy services

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