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Interested in easily accessing our digital marketing agency’s services? Take advantage of our online marketplace, where you can easily compare prices and select the desired package with just a click of a button. Say goodbye to endless email exchanges, surprise costs, and stress.
Ecommerce Site Development with Design, Content and On-site-SEO

Create your ecommerce store, start to rank online and build your sales. We'll help you do it all with this comprehensive package. It involves the development of a tailored ecommerce store from scratch, building all the essential components with a focus on user experience (UX) and sales. 


We will be responsible for the entire development, from the layout and content structure to product description and design, ensuring it is all SEO-friendly.


Why choose our service?


  • Completely original SEO content written by human copywriters for site pages and products.  
  • Researched organic keyword strategy, integrated within the content, meta, alt tags and more so your site is effectively crawled by search engine algorithms. 
  • Unique ecommerce website design on the Wix platform, developed from scratch. We don't use templates.


Standard package includes:


  • Ecommerce site design from scratch - no templates - with two design proposals.
  • Advanced keyword strategy of up to 50 long-tail SEO keywords.
  • Five pages of up to 2,000 words
  • Six product descriptions of up to 200 words, SEO friendly.
  • Up to three illustrations for each page developed.
  • The editing of product images to improve the visual fit and appearance.
  • On-site SEO for each page, from the meta description to alt tags, SEO-friendly content to URL optimisation.
  • Configuration of the domain so it connects to the Wix servers.
  • A final content UX experience analysis by an external UX expert to polish the user experience.
  • Wix one-year ecommerce subscription included.


II- Does not include

  • The writing of legal pages is not included, but our partners at can help you with that.


III- Terms:

  • Ecommerce site will be developed in English (further options in Spanish, Italian and French available)
  • Up to 10 changes in total, with up to five days to request after delivery of each revision.
  • The contact form to develop is standard; please request a new quotation for an advanced version.
  • The order requirements are of high importance. Please complete them fully, even if elements have already been discussed during the quotation.


Book now or get in touch to request a customised quotation.

Ecommerce Site Development with Design, Content and On-site-SEO

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