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Interested in easily accessing our digital marketing agency’s services? Take advantage of our online marketplace, where you can easily compare prices and select the desired package with just a click of a button. Say goodbye to endless email exchanges, surprise costs, and stress.
SEM Marketing Campaing - Google SEM

Are you looking for an online marketing way to attract customers through search engines?


If you're looking for the perfect marketing package, then our search engine marketing campaign is ideal. We integrate SEO research, marketing strategy, and copywriting expertise to produce outstanding results through PPC campaigns with effective ads.


How do we work?


1- Content Strategy

First, divide the camping into AD groups based on different ways to approach your brand through services or solutions offered.

2- Keyword strategy 

Based on customer behaviour, we will strategically narrow down keywords that only appeal to your target audience and match the budget defined. We aim to build robust campaigns to achieve accurate results.

3- Ad copywriting

Next, we use our persuasive copywriting skills to inspire the target customer to take action by writing excellent PPC ad texts. It's about creating quality ads using the Google characters limit for titles and descriptions and adding SEO-researched keywords. That's where we shine as content marketing specialists.


Let us create ad campaigns that convert!


What's included

Here's what you'll receive for six months


I- Strategy development

Step 1- Text Campaign 

1- One Text PPC campaign development based on up to 3 ad groups

Of target clients to which the Ad will be shown.

Step 2- Visual Campaign 

B1- One visual PPC campaign development based on up to 3 ad groups

B2- Six banner ads of different sizes

Step 3- country of focus and 

clients elect the country or city of focus and 


II-Running the campaign

Step 1 Budget:

The Google ads campaign budget is not included in the price. We will discuss this to choose a budget,

Step 2 Development time:

The plan will be implemented for six months as a minimum.

Our great experience has taught us that SEM campaigns do not offer quick fixes and cause capital loss when implemented in a short time. 

Step 3 Campaign management 

After the campaign developed is approved, we will configure the Google ads account. 


Contact us now for a customised quotation. 

SEM Marketing Campaing - Google SEM

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