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Do you want to make your point to a genuinely captive audience, hanging on to your every word? The best way to do this is with an exceptional speech. At Contese, we are expert speechwriters, whether you need an address for an event, a course, a workshop or a conference. If you want to make an impact, a speech is your big chance. But it can’t be just any speech; it has to be the perfect speech. If you’ve ever tried to write a good speech, then you know, it’s not easy.


You have to create the perfect balance between lighthearted and sincere, funny and serious, all while keeping your audience engaged.

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Make your words matter

Finding your voice

Every speech we write is different and specific to the story of each client. We work closely with all of our clients to understand their background and establish their individual or brand voice. When we write a speech, we are writing it for you explicitly to give, in a way that flows with your usual storytelling style.


This makes it easier for you to learn the speech and results in much more natural and fluid delivery.

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