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Case study - Content strategy for Tunetank

Updated: Feb 1

We recently worked with Tune Tank, a company with an incredible product, to develop a content strategy. They wanted to inform their target audience about maximizing royalty-free music and came to us for fresh blog post ideas.

Tunetank had a great product and two target audiences - companies that regularly need royalty-free music and sound effects and influencers who are looking to grow their brand. They knew they wanted to connect with these audiences through content, but wanted support coming up with blog post ideas based on SEO research.

The challenge

At Contese, the team focuses on two key approaches to create a content strategy for clients. First, we carry out in-depth SEO research to see what target information the target audience is searching for. Then we use our journalistic expertise to create blog post ideas that hook a reader’s interest.

With a focus on both target markets, we created a one-year content strategy that would explore topics in-depth, combining a mix of how-to guides with trends reports, hooking into global news stories and creating listicles packed with advice.

The result

The blog content ideas were a success and the Tunetank team is working through them with an in-depth strategy featuring a strong headline, a suggested blog post layout and key topics and links. Tunetank has also approached the Contese team to help with producing the blog posts.

Tune Tank, with its exceptional product, sought our help in devising blog post ideas to educate their target audience on utilizing royalty-free music effectively. This is a case study of our content strategy for Tunetank.


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