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Case study - Web content for Cerouz

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Our team was approached by Cerouz, a startup specializing in travel and lifestyle products, to develop website content that exuded sophistication and elegance. Our task was to craft detailed descriptions of their products, ensuring that the overall tone remained upscale.

The development of the website content for our client, Cerouz, a signature accessories brand for travellers.

The challenge

Launching their premier line of signature accessories aimed at frequent-flying executives on the move, Cerouz wanted unique copywriting for marketing content on their e-commerce website.

As a startup offering products designed to inspire an upwardly mobile target audience, they had to strike out in a strong direction that reflected the empowering iconography that distinguished their luxury products.

The proposal

We'd previously partnered with Cerouz to create a unique brand voice and tone as part of their evolving brand toolkit, so we were well-positioned to create website content in the elegant style that already had their stamp of approval.

Considering the company's embryonic nature with a limited product range that would evolve over time, we proposed creating content for three foundational features of the website: the homepage introducing the luxury brand to their target demographic of young executive types with disposable income; an inspiring story focusing on the customer's experience; plus engaging content on their sales pages for their three initial products; silver-plated passport covers emblazoned with big cats.

The result

Our team of creative content writers, storytellers, and editors crafted empowering and inspiring website content pinpointing a target demographic of 20 to 35-year-olds with a long-tail keyword strategy that encapsulated the ambitious characteristics of high-flying adventurers who are unafraid to take the road less travelled to meet their success.

Thanks to our web content services, Cerouz has established a distinctly elegant and empowering voice for its high-end products. The high-flying designers are on course to achieve new heights as their luxury accessory lines grow with seeds planted by Contese Agency.

We were approached by Cerouz, a startup in the travel and lifestyle product design industry, to develop elegant and high-end content for their website. They specifically requested detailed descriptions for each of their products.


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