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Case study - Web content for Plenum

We were approached by Plenum to revamp their web content and create SEO material catered to the energy industry's corporate market.

The web content development for our client Plenum, a trading company that commercializes power, water, oil and gas.

The challenge

Plenum is a trading company headquartered in Abu-Dhabi that provides commercial services to international manufacturers in the power, water, oil & gas sectors.

They wanted to boost their visibility and market influence with industrial content marketing to gain greater recognition as a company representing a portfolio of leading multinational brands in the United Arab Emirates and offering complete solutions to the region’s energy concerns.

The proposal

Plenum approached us for our website content writing services, asking us to develop compelling market-oriented content complete with new slogans and calls to action that would appeal to professionals in the energy, infrastructure, oil & gas, water & wastewater and building industries.

They aimed to stand out as a contemporary and tech-savvy solutions provider and become known as problem solvers between foreign and international manufacturers and local end users for mega-projects and government initiatives.

The result

We used our industrial content marketing expertise to create website content for Plenum with a straight-talking voice appealing to executive decision-makers across diverse industry sectors. We furnished them with eye-catching content for a Homepage focusing on their services, content for an About page highlighting their professional background and key executives, plus content for pages showcasing their industry expertise and premium products.

As a result, Plenum has gained a solid foothold in the marketplace, preceded by a professional reputation for exceptional services, thanks to Contese’s website content

writing services.

We were approached by Plenum to create SEO content for their website that would resonate with corporations in the energy sector.


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