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Case study - Email marketing strategy for Luxury Villas Dubrovnik

Updated: Feb 19

Our partnership with Luxury Villas Dubrovnik was centered on boosting awareness of their latest villa through a comprehensive email marketing strategy.

The challenge

As part of our travel marketing services, we team up with companies when they need support on an ad-hoc basis. Luxury Villas Dubrovnik approached us as they had lost an important member of their marketing team at a busy time of year. They wanted to promote a new villa they had renovated for the coming season and promote special offers in the key start-of-year booking period. Without the right messaging for their marketing emails, they were worried they would lose sales that could affect the rest of the year.

What we did

Knowing that we were content marketing specialists with extensive experience in high-end travel, Luxury Villas Dubrovnik approached us for an urgent project. They needed multiple series of emails to promote different areas of the business. They wanted to market their new villa, Ghetaldi 1516, a historic property that had been beautifully renovated. They also wanted to boost bookings over the Christmas period, presenting Croatia as a destination for a family Christmas. Finally, they also wanted to unveil their new year pricing and boost reservations in the key booking period of January.

They booked our email content marketing package and we set to work mapping out a content strategy for the different series of emails that would be needed. Once approved, we worked to write snappy and engaging copy, keeping the emails succinct but interesting and crafting engaging subject lines to ensure they stood out in customers’ inboxes. 

As specialists in travel copywriting, we always work to craft copy that grabs the attention of customers, inspiring them by showcasing the experience they can enjoy with the brand.

The result

We turned the email marketing content around very quickly to work to the deadlines of Luxury Villas Dubrovnik. The campaign was a success and with strong opening rates, the client came to ask us to offer support with a further email marketing strategy. As a luxury travel brand the tone of voice in each piece of content is very important and through our copywriting services, we work to educate our clients on how they can harness this specific style of writing to ensure better results.

We teamed up with Luxury Villas Dubrovnik to showcase their latest villa launch through a strong email marketing strategy.


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