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Case Study - Web content for Epiq Scripts

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Check out our successful case study for Epiq Scripts, where we developed compelling and search engine optimized web content for this innovative telemedicine company. Learn more by clicking the link below.

The challenge

Epiq Scripts is an ambitious US startup in the telemedicine field, looking to change the way pharmacies work online. With a laser focus on making the delivery of prescription medicine smoother and more streamlined in keeping with a new focus on accessible telemedicine, Epiq Scripts had a grand goal. They approached Contese Agency for our website content writing services as they needed a way to tell their story, to connect with telemedicine businesses and to explain, clearly and concisely, how they were changing the pharmacy business.

The proposal

Following an interview with the two co-founders to get an understanding of their business, what drove them and what their goals were as a startup, our Contese team got to work. Epiq Scripts needed a content strategy and we suggested a short, sharp website that would make it clear what was offered, how the business was unique and the key services. A slick, understated approach was needed, but one that communicated how unique this business was. Alongside this modern approach, it was also important to build a rapport with potential telemedicine businesses. Here is weather we injected a personal story, that of one of the cofounders growing up with a pharmacist grandfather, and how his patient-focused approach has inspired her vision ever since.

The result

Epiq Scripts were delighted with our website content writing services and required no changes to the content we had crafted. Rooted in SEO to bring traffic to the site, we had struck the balance between a modern, minimalist site and creating an emotional connection through the co-founder’s backstory. Today, Epiq Scripts goes from strength to strength as an online brand, pushing the boundaries of what telemedicine can offer. Its website stands as a clear explanation of how the online, nationwide pharmacy solution works and how it can change the world of medicine for the better. Let's develop quality content for your website

Read all about our successful web content project for Epiq Scripts, a leading telemedicine brand. Our team has crafted captivating and SEO-friendly content to enhance their online presence. Explore the details below.


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