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Case study - Web content for The Foot Hub

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Discover how The Foot Hub's expert content writers have been supporting podiatrists' clinics by providing superior SEO web content for several years. Our effective approach has led to a top ranking on Google Australia, helping to educate customers and drive business success.

The web content development of our client, The Foot Hub, a foot care clinic.

The challenge

The Foot Hub is an Australian foot care clinic that our writers support with fresh SEO content regularly. They came to us looking for ongoing SEO content support as they expand their website and service offerings.

Their team knew the importance of quality content for SEO and wanted an agency they could work closely with to ensure their content conveyed their unique value and expertise. They needed long-form SEO web pages and service descriptions that were professional, engaging, and always focused on serving patients who needed their support.

Podiatry is a complex industry, so The Foot Hub needed a team that would take the time to understand challenges and solutions for their patients. From editing content to building an SEO strategy, this business needed to know they could rely on healthcare writers to support them with clear, easy-to-understand content.

The proposal

We have established an excellent working relationship with The Foot Hub and are always on hand whenever they need new content. They come to us for their content and copywriting needs knowing our healthcare writers can help bring their vision to life.

As their brand grows, The Foot Hub needs pages that showcase new solutions, procedures, and treatments they offer. Our writers are always available to meet their needs, develop new content, or edit their writing to achieve a consistent tone of voice and perfectly

optimised content.

As the go-to content writing agency for the foot clinic, we regularly develop everything from landing pages to long-form content. We’ve also optimised their existing pages to rank in search results with researched SEO keywords and meta content. We continue to work with The Foot Hub regularly to develop new content and support them as they grow.

The result

The Foot Hub enjoys increased foot traffic through its doors and a steady uptick in online bookings from health-conscious individuals in the Sydney area that are finding the podiatrists with the help of geo-location search engine optimisation embedded in the web pages and digital marketing content we create for the foot care clinic.

Discover how The Foot Hub's web content, crafted by our team of skilled writers, has successfully helped podiatrists' clinics educate their customers with top-notch SEO content. As a result, they have achieved a top-ranking on Google Australia for several years.


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