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Case study - Web content for Adey Law Firm

We were hired by a Texas-based law firm, Adey Law Firm, to develop content for their website. Our priority was to enhance the search engine optimization (SEO) for their litigation services in the Houston area. This case study showcases our work on their web content.

The development of the web content of our client, Adey Law Firm, a Texas-based attorney and law firm.

The challenge

Texas-based Attorney and law firm Adey Law Firm wanted to rebrand its website content to target clients in Houston and surrounding counties.

They wanted to highlight their client-based approach and clearly convey their expertise in personal injury litigation, family law, and family-based immigration with creative descriptions in English and Spanish languages for their legal content marketing campaign.

The proposal

We promised to create compelling content in Spanish and American English describing each legal service with narratives that customers could personally relate to and feel reassured by in a professional yet approachable manner that conveys the law firm’s discretion.

To help Adey Law reach out to customers in the Houston area, we conducted extensive keyword research for similar legal services in the region. We identified the most effective keywords for their unique legal content marketing campaign needs and developed a search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy to dovetail with the new written content.

The result

By clearly defining their position as family lawyers focusing exclusively on a handful of legal services, Adey Law Firm has expanded its footprint in the Houston area thanks to increased engagement resulting from local searches for legal assistance with personal injury litigation and family immigration.

Web content was requested by Adey Law Firm, a Texas-based practice, for their website. Our task was to create SEO-driven material that highlighted their litigation services in Houston.


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