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Case study - Web content for Fest Auto

Fest Auto sought to make its mark in the e-LVC industry and thus turned to our services for compelling SEO web content.

The website content development for our client, Fest Auto, a manufacturer of electric light commercial vehicles.

The challenge

Fest Auto is redefining urban delivery with electric light commercial vehicles (eLVCs) that help businesses run greener operations and reduce costs. The company’s designs for zero-emission electric delivery vehicles are industry-leading, but Fest needed website content to shout about its innovative solutions.

From SEO website content to keyword research services, Fest was eager to establish its presence in an ever-changing market.

The proposal

Before getting started, it was important for Contese Agency to understand the eLVC market and Fest’s positioning within it. The Singapore-based company was developing its website and marketing materials to take up a strong positioning in an industry looking for a change.

Faced with high oil prices and few eLVC choices, Fest knew that businesses needed its services but needed to clarify its benefits.

At Contese Agency, we gained a deeper understanding of what the target audience was looking for through our keyword research service. We then needed to combine those key messages about Fest benefits and what we knew the target audience wanted to know in our automobile content writing.

The copy needed to be clean and clear across the website, ensuring that any business decision-maker could understand the benefits even without specialist technical knowledge.

The result

Both the SEO website content was completed within a tight deadline so that Fest Auto had everything it needed for upcoming B2B events.

Having reached a strong level of growth, it was important for Fest Auto to have a website that reflected its market-leading position. The client was delighted with the website content and requested to continue working with us on further projects, such as brochure design. We look forward to collaborating on upcoming projects as Fest Auto grows its market share.

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Fest Auto turned to us for powerful SEO web content when it sought to make a mark in the e-LVC industry.


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