Healthcare copywriting that connects

Cutting through complexity

There has never been a greater focus on the healthcare industry in all its guises. from pharmaceutical companies to medical services and MedTech startups, it is more vital than ever to offer clear, concise communication that your target audeince can understand. 

You may have a fantastic solution or a a service your audeince really needs, but you need a medical content writer who can rcreate engaging content that connects with your readers. At Contese, we understand the world of healthcare and can break down technical jargon into simple messaging that makes an impact on consumers.

Healthcare content with a purpose

Whether you’re selling healthcare services, supplements, or CBD products, you want SEO content that draws in readers, shows what your brand is about, and positions you as an authority in the industry. 


You need blog posts that educate and engage and website content that clearly explains who you are and what you stand for. Even social media and email marketing need carefully crafted content that will connect with your customers, both new and old. 

The healthcare industry is vast and places you in a huge pool of competitors. In the past two years, companies in the industry have increased the use of content marketing by more than 25 per cent

That’s why it’s essential to create your own imapctful content, with technical writing for the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare that not only puts you ahead in the search engines but provides your consumers with valuable information that other brands don’t.

Why Contese?

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Our healthcare technical writers have worked across a whole variety of healthcare topics, from patient care and treatments to CBD supplements and natural remedies. 


Through our experience, we can get to the bottom of complicated topics and bring them to life. We take a deep dive to learn the ins and outs of your brand, ensuring we portray your values while reaching the audience you desire. 


Words are our passion, and we use them to give your customers what they need and help you attain your business goals. 

Our expert process

We bring your brand to life through structured messaging based on a strong SEO strategy to create content that connects with your consumers. 


Whether you want to simplify complicated ideas for an audience or focus on in-depth topics for the trade, we can make your content engaging. Our experienced team works with you to understand your brand and help develop your content strategy so you can get all your key messages across, whether you’re looking for: 


  • Website content

  • Blog strategy 

  • Social media campaigns

  • Email marketing

  • Brand positioning

We base all content on extensive SEO research to better understand your target audience. We then work on bringing ideas to life with great copywriting, editing it thoroughly for accuracy and applying our persuasive marketing techniques.


Our health content writers pride themselves on each piece of copy created, so you know you’ll only be getting the best.

An agency with passion-100-min.jpg

An agency with passion

We believe in blending journalism techniques and SEO to create content that brings you high-quality traffic and something your target audience really wants to read. 


Our content is both engaging and useful, optimised and educational. In a world where people only buy from brands they love, our health content writers pride themselves on helping you build a relationship with your consumers based on trust.  

We believe healthcare content should:


  • Build trust

  • Offer clarity

  • Hold interest

  • Increase visibility

  • Provide knowledge


It’s essential to have quality healthcare content to grow your business, build relationships with your customers, and achieve your goals. Investing in writers who understand the industry and know how to engage your audience. 


For great healthcare content that makes your business stand out, Contese has everything you need. Our health content writers would be delighted to bring your vision to life and place your brand on the map. 

Bring your healthcare business to life

Check our
case studies

If you would like to see examples of our branding and content marketing services for health companies, please read a case study describing the SEO content we created for the website and blog post for the foot hub, a foot clinic in Australia. 


You can find the case study here.