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Case study - Web content for The Collab Lab

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

The Collab Lab required a fresh website to promote its offerings, so we developed a content strategy to meet this goal.

The challenge

When talent acquisition leader Maisha Cannon decided to create bespoke programs offering skills-based training to recruiters and sourcers, she needed a website that would inspire. An engaging executive with experience working in the world’s most demanding corporations, she turned to our website content writing services to bring her vision to life.

The proposal

As an engaging, innovative and enthusiastic professional, Maisha inspires her students, no matter their level and experience. It was important that we communicated that unique approach and created a website that gave her room to grow.

Combining SEO research with an initial website content example, we created a strategy that would outline three core services and explain more about The Collab Lab’s unique approach.

Once approved, we continued to develop the content, combining Maisha’s personal brand with that of her growing company. The approach was as unique as the services she offers.

The result

When The Collab Lab requested our website content writing service, it was to help bring her vision to life. She had a clear idea of what she offered, but wanted support in communicating it in a clear and fresh way. This is where our expert content writers came in, combining copy with SEO research to help reach new audiences.

A case study was conducted for The Collab Lab's website. They required a fresh website to highlight their services, so we devised a new content strategy.


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