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Case study - Volume blog posts for

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

We tackled a significant project when Brand Boost AI reached out to us for assistance with their online presence. Our services included crafting SEO content and blog posts to enhance their brand's visibility.

The development of bulk content creation for the no-code conversational AI platform

The challenge

With its commitment to providing best-in-class conversational AI, this ambitious Scandinavian software company has been making waves in the world of machine learning. With a successful second round of funding and its name established, now wanted to connect with potential customers who may not have considered conversational AI for their business. The SEO and content team decided that a series of in-depth content hubs was needed to cover all areas of customer service. wanted to provide information that would be useful to customer experience (CX) decisionmakers, with bulk article writing that would cover key industry developments, from automation to machine learning.

The proposal

The team approached Contese Agency as a bulk content creation partner. Having mapped out areas of interest, they wanted editorial expertise and experienced copywriters to create content that would be engaging and informative. Our tech content writers are experts in creating content that is conversational and easy to follow. The approach for this content was to create a series of hubs, featuring a whole range of articles. They needed to be understood by readers without a technical background and cover topics as varied as customer experience trends and contact centres to knowledge hubs and transformation hubs. Over the course of the bulk content writing project, we mapped out and created up to 50 pieces of SEO-friendly content, ranging from 1,000-word landing pages to in-depth 4,500-word blog posts.

The result

Over the course of the log-term project, we worked precisely and efficiently to complete the content in line with the team’s deadlines. Creating a working strategy managed by a dedicated project manager, we were able to provide a top-quality bulk article writing service with no changes required by the client. Today the evergreen content is working to build’s profile online, it's ranking in search engines and its authority as a market leader in conversational AI solutions.

Check out our bulk content creation services. Get in touch enlisted our services for a case study on volume blog posts. Our collaboration with this brand involved generating SEO content and crafting various blog articles for a substantial project.


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