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Bring your brand to life


The only brand design service you need

Did you know that 55 per cent of brand first impressions are visual? How you present your business to customers is vital to helping you stand out in a crowded marketplace.


The colours and style you choose all help to communicate a message to your target audience. So when it comes to turning your business into a beloved brand, you want a team of brand design experts and expert logo designers on your side.

Define your brand's visual identity

Define your brand's visual identity.png

Deciding what your brand stands for and how it will communicate with your target audience are key foundations to deciding how your brand will look. Our team of brand identity specialists will help you create visuals that represent your vision.


We know that your chosen colours can help your brand build trust and connection and can be the difference between a click and a customer. 

Here’s what’s included in our brand design package:

Brand identity

Your brand identity is who you are as a business. It goes beyond the products and services you sell and focuses on your values and mission. Our brand design experts start by creating your brand identity, and putting your story, mission and vision and your values into words.


Then we design it to create a beautiful representation of your brand.

Brand identity.png
Visual guidelines.png

Brand visual style guide

With your designs finalised, we’ll create a visual style guide to share with your team. Think of it as a road map to your brand look with guidelines on fonts, imagery and logo usage.


This ensures you’ll always have consistency across your brand touchpoints, from website to social media, merchandise to email marketing, to make it more recognisable.

Iconic logo design services

Logo Design Service.png

We communicate your brand message and story to the consumer with imagery by crafting a unique logo to fit your brand. Logos are what identify your brand and what makes it recognisable.


Working with you to reflect your brand personality, we create a logo representing your identity while speaking to your target audience.

Take a look at our brand logo portfolio.

Brand iconography

Once you have a great logo and have defined your brand colours, you’ll want to start developing your website. Ensure consistency across your brand with iconography graphic design.


Whether it’s buttons for social media, visual representations of products or icons that represent different pages and sections, your own unique design helps you stand out.

Additional design elements.png

Additional design elements

Once you have your core brand design finalised, you may find you want additional support as you bring a consistent look across all your brand touchpoints.

Our brand design experts are on hand to continue working with you as and when you need us. An example of some of the additional work we can help with includes: 

A - Pitch decks

Show clients what you stand for and raise awareness with our pitch deck design services that ensure that your visual identity is clearly communicated from page one.

Pitch decks.png
Brochures and catalogues.png

B - Brochures and catalogues

Showcase the best your brand has to offer with our catalogue and brochure design services.


We’ll create the glossy marketing materials you need to sell more.

C - Illustration for web design

Your website is your store window. It needs a beautiful, functional design to attract the right customers.


Say goodbye to overused templates and create a unique site with our illustration design services.

Illustrations for web design.png

With our team, anything is possible

At Contese, we bring together brand strategists with designers and CGI artists to ensure that the approach to your brand visuals with combine strategy and creativity at every step.


Each element is created with your target audience, your market and your unique brand attributes in mind.

With our team, anything is possible.png
Turn your business into a brand.png

Turn your business into a brand

Today’s customers want to buy from brands they identify with. So how you present your business is more important than ever.


We bring experience to your brand strategy, with over 1,000 projects completed as an agency.

Feedback from more than 400 happy clients has given us a review score of 4.9 out of five, putting us among the best online creative content agencies.

Here's what we bring to your project:

  • Years of logo design experience and a stellar reputation

  • Unique, personalised designs that aren’t based on templates

  • An authentic representation of your brand persona

  • Long-term B2B relationships built on excellent customer service

What our customers have said

Experience is key. We have completed more than 1,000 projects, with feedback from more than 400 clients and a review score of 4.9, proving we are one of the best creative content agencies online.

Verified by Fiverr proGoogle, Sortlist

We offer brand design services in these sectors

We offer brand design in these sectors.png

At Contese, we are proud to work globally and with clients across a whole variety of industries, from solo entrepreneurs to large corporations.


Some of our specialist sectors include travel and lifestyle, real estate and luxury, the IT and industrial sectors. Get in touch and see how we could work together.

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