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Content that leaves readers hungry for more

Creating an appetite for your brand

It’s amazing what great content can do for your business. When it comes to food and wine, the ability to immerse a reader in another world through words is vital. You have imagery and fantastic packaging, but you need the words to bring it all together and create that experience that inspires your consumers.


Our food and wine editors and writers are experienced in creating mouthwatering copy that leaves consumers hungry for more. From writing about food to wine storytelling, our experienced team help international brands connect with global audiences. 


We’ve written impactful packaging content, analysed the virtues of wine regions, written scripts to launch new products and run content marketing campaigns for avant-garde restaurants.


You want consumers to fall in love with your brand and we can write the love letters that whet their appetite. 

The right ingredients, the right impact

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You need to carve out your online presence to position your brand in the market and invite consumers to savour your products. At Contese, we work with brands to create engaging website content, informative blog posts and sumptuous social media content. When it comes to content marketing for food and wine, we know how to combine strategy with creativity.


Our wine and food content writing begins with data. We don’t put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) without conducting SEO research to create a strategy that speaks to your target audience. These SEO insights are combined with our journalistic ability to get to the heart of a story so that we can help you craft a unique brand and communicate with your readers in a way that creates affinity. 

Our food and wine editor never lose sight of your business goals, ensuring your messaging and content marketing strategy drives real results for your brand. 

The perfect pairing

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Our experienced team of writers knows how to craft the right content to pique your audience’s interest. They have created wine storytelling for brands such as Concha y Toro, Jacob's Creek, Familia Torres, and Gato Negro, to name a few. 

And Contese counts contemporary restaurants such as Barcelona’s Terminal 42 to Mexican coffee specialists Coffee Brew, all the way through to Valencian vineyards and Dubai’s leading ecommerce grocery store, among our clients. When we write about wine and food, we have one goal in mind - to bring more people to taste your products.

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In an increasingly competitive marketplace, we get under the skin of your brand and help you communicate your USPs to customers so that you stand out from the crowd.


From engaging websites to informative blog posts, we craft online content based on data research, using SEO to help you position yourself online. Add in email marketing and social media and we can create an inbound marketing strategy that draws in your customers.

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You’ve developed the perfect product or service, but now you need to communicate your value to your target audience. Our team has experience building brands within both industries, from powerful food and wine storytelling to outlining values and distilling your brand essence.


We have crafted names for new brands, catchy taglines and helped brands discover their unique voice and tone. All to build brand affinity.

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As editorial writers who have written food and wine content for international publications, our team is perfectly placed to help you communicate effectively with the press and public.


We can craft expert editorial articles for both consumers and the trade, write press releases to announce new products and help you speak to your industry.

Who we are

At Contese, we are passionate writers, foodies and wine aficionados who have whetted our appetites writing creative content for a whole variety of brands and businesses.


We combine a laser eye for strategy with the creativity for great storytelling, helping bring brands to life for consumers. We are proud to work with international brands and write for global audiences in both English and Spanish.

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“There are few products in the world as evocative as wine, but in a crowded marketplace it is vital you understand your consumer and know how to tell a story that makes you stand out on the shelf.”

Sarah Gordon, branding and editorial specialist

Our case studies and reputation

We love shouting about the great brands we work with.


Read on to discover fantastic clients we have created content for, from wine labels to website copy, blogs posts to social media.

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