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This image showcases our food and wine content marketing services.

Food and wine copywriting

Content that leaves readers 
craving for more

At Contese Content Agency, we understand the importance of engaging readers in your brand's storytelling for wine and food brands. Our team of copywriters, editors, and SEO experts are passionate about food and wine and have extensive experience creating captivating content that enhances the customer experience. We specialise in producing impactful content, immersive storytelling, video scripts, and SEO campaigns for international brands looking to connect with their target audiences.

Image of our wine storyteller, Sarah Gordon.

“Few products worldwide are as evocative as  wine, but in a crowded marketplace, you must understand your consumer and know how to tell a story that makes you stand out on the shelf."

The right ingredients, the right impact-

The right ingredients, the right impact

You have a great product; now, you must establish your brand positioning and carve out your online presence. At Contese Agency, we work with brands to establish brand messaging and create engaging website content, informative blog posts and sumptuous social media content.


Regarding content marketing for food and wine, we combine strategy with creativity. Data-led insights help us establish your brand strategy, SEO research informs our content, and our journalistic approach drives us to the heart of the story to communicate effectively with your target audience. 

Our editors never lose sight of your business goals, ensuring everything we do drives real results for your brand. 

This image showcases how we create compelling content that will capture the interest of your audience.

The perfect pairing

Our experienced team of food and wine writers knows how to create compelling content that will capture the interest of your audience. We have crafted brand stories for well-known companies such as Concha y Toro, Jacob's Creek, Familia Torres, and Gato Negro. Additionally, Contese has developed marketing campaigns for Barcelona restaurants, Mexican coffee specialists, Valencian vineyards, and Dubai's top ecommerce grocery store. Our main objective when writing about wine and food is to attract more people to try your products.

This image highlights our SEO services for wine and food brands.

Rank your brand online

Attracting consumers to know your products starts online. We conduct thorough keyword research and customise SEO for wineries and food brands to enhance your brand's online visibility, directly addressing your desired audience  and motivating them to take action.

This image highlights our content marketing services for wine and food brands.

Convert through creative content

Our team of experts in content marketing can create food and wine content that effectively connects with your target audience, even before they have tried your product. We produce inspiring content that boosts brand visibility, encourages engagement, and converts leads.

Who we are?

We are experts in digital marketing for wineries and food brands.

At Contese Agency, we are passionated wine copywriter who have whetted our appetites by writing creative content for various brands and businesses.


We combine a laser eye for wine content strategy,  that combineed with our creativityskills in storytelling and helping bring brands to life for consumers. We are proud to work with international brands and write for global audiences in English and Spanish.

This image showcases our expertise in digital marketing for wineries and food brands.
This image showcases our case studies and reputation.

Our case studies and reputation

Read on to discover the fantastic clients we have created content for, from wine labels to website copy, and blog posts to social media. And learn why, after 1,200 projects were completed, we have earned a 4.9 reputation. Read more!

This image showcases our marketing magazine.

Our marketing magazine

The Content Mag is a marketing magazine discussing the importance of content, why branding matters and SEO tricks to make your brand grow and succeed.. Read more!

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