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Case study - Volume web content for Webgears

Updated: Feb 8

We have been brought on as the content partner for Webgears, a brand that connects shoppers with discounts from well-known brands. Our task is to provide a steady stream of high-volume SEO content.

The challenge

Berlin-based Webgears connects millions of consumers with incredible deals from major brands every day. Working with major publishers, ranging from The Sun and Glamour Magazine in the UK to The Daily Beast and Wikihow, Webgears needed bulk content creation to keep up with demand for its services.

The proposal

Webgears started working with Contese Agency to complete one bulk content writing project, supplying engaging landing page content for the many brands that feature on key publishers’ pages.

Our team of SEO copywriters and editors worked to complete hundreds of pages within a tight timeframe. With detailed project management and our own quality control process, we were able to deliver in-depth research, high levels of accuracy and quality content for both the UK and US markets.

The content needed to be written in multiple styles for different outlets, it needed to be SEO-friendly and completely original.

The result

The success of this initial work has led to further bulk content writing projects with an SEO focus for Webgears, writing for their major clients in the UK and the US. We have also embarked on a new project with Webgears, from our bulk article writing service to other seo content services.

Our expert copywriters are adept at producing high-level content while maintaining attention to detail while working at scale.

Webgears, a company connecting customers with discounts from well-known brands, has enlisted our services as their content partner to consistently generate a high volume of SEO content.


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